Why Livescribe Smartpens?

Learning is fun, but your time in class is precious


You listen, understand, reason and remember – all while taking notes
Your work is the sum of your interactions.


Every meeting, every conference and every call shapes the strides you take.

Keeping your head in the game and participating in these interactions is as crucial as what you take away from them. To succeed, you need to make the most out of each and every minute.

Because its time for something mightier than the pen

Livescribe smartpens breathe digital life into your handwritten notes and empower you to do incredible things with them. Every meeting, every lecture, every interaction, every word – make them count even more with Livescribe.

Livescribe smartpens can record voice while you write, adding a new dimension of information to your notes
Recorded notes are accurately transcribed and made ready to share across your cloud services from the Livescribe+ app
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With Livescribe your notebooks are searchable with a tap – you will never lose your notes again

We were pioneers

And we are innovating everyday

We made the world's first smartpen, showing the world that we can continue using paper even if our writing needs to be digital. Our solutions carry industry-leading technology and bring incredible value to our customers - whether they are in classrooms or in oil rigs.

It is their confidence in us that makes us invent constantly - to bring the next innovation to digital writing.