Sleek. Stylish. Black.

Write with elegance using the Livescribe 3 Black Edition smartpen. Featuring a retractable ink-tip and a matte-black soft touch finish, this Bluetooth smart device seamlessly syncs your handwriting to your mobiledevice using the Livescribe+

– Award-winning industrial design

– Diamond knurl twist ring design

– Capacitive stylus-tip

– Swiss-made Tungsten Carbide ink cartridge


Handwriting made mobile

The high-speed IR camera in the smartpen digitally records everything you write on Livescribe paper.

14 hours of battery life

2 hours of full charge will let you keep writing with Livescribe 3 for 14 hours

One smartpen, multiple devices

The high-speed IR camera in the smartpen digitally records everything you write on Livescribe paper.

Livescribe+ App

Available for Android and iOS, the Livescribe+ mobile app brings your notes to life and makes them more useful by integrating them with your daily activities.
Watch your digital world expand and your notes become more useful when everything you write and draw on paper is instantly synced to Livescribe+. Pair your Livescribe 3 smartpen and everything you write appears on your tablet or smartphone.

Highlight Features

Digital version of your handwritten notes
Connect your smartpen to the Livescribe+ app via Bluetooth and watch your handwritten notes appear instantly.

  • Page view: See your entire page of notes exactly how they were written.
  • Feeds view: Your notes split into useful chronological snippets for easy sharing and transcription.

Launchpad for your notes to cloud - Auto-send
Use the auto-send feature to set up your notebooks to send and automatically update to common cloud connections like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and OneNote. Connect once and watch your notes appear automatically in the cloud.
Pencasts. Add voice to your notes.
Give your notes more depth by syncing recorded audio to everything you write and draw. Virtually recreate key moments or discussions.

  • Livescribe+ app uses the mic in our mobile or tablet to record audio
  • Tap on your notes and Livescribe+ app plays recorded audio on your mobile or tablet.
  • Share as interactive Livescribe PDFs/ videos.

Share your notes the way you want
The Livescribe+ app gives you the freedom to share your notes in multiple formats – PDF (searchable), Text, SVG vector artwork, PNG images. Take your handwritten notes in useful formats to Microsoft Word/ Powerpoint for editing, share it via email, text etc. Limitless options.