Get more done with the new Livescribe+ for Desktop

Compatible with the Aegir smartpens, the free Livescribe+ software will quickly sync your handwritten notes with your desktop device and enables you to organize, edit, and share your handwritten notes in multiple ways.

Minimum Requirements

Livescribe+ Desktop is compatible with only Aegir smartpens

Windows: Windows 7 or Windows 10

macOS 10.14 and above

Searchable Notebooks

uses market-leading handwriting recognition that makes it a snap to find the notes you need instantly, regardless of whether you wrote them days, weeks and even months ago.

Limitless Sharing Options

Freedom to share your notes in multiple formats – PDF, Text, SVG vector, PNG images. Take your handwritten notes to Microsoft Word/ PowerPoint/ Share via email, etc.

Paper Replay

Communicate your ideas in the way that you want to. A desktop-only feature that allows users to recreate their sketches/ handwritten notes on paper.

Every handwritten idea or note at your fingertips

Add voice to your notes. Use Pencasts.

Voice adds a whole new dimension to your notes and gives you the ability to re-live important periods and interactions.Used with the Aegir smartpen, the Livescribe+ app records audio in sync with your handwritten notes


Your handwriting made searchable. Effortlessly.

Livescribe+ App allows you to quickly search through all your traditional handwritten notes across all notebooks and quickly retrieve anything that you’re looking for.

Instead of having to skim through a lot of paper pages, you can find what you want. Your handwriting is searchable, like everything else in your life.

Sync with your cloud services

Link your OneNote/Evernote/Google Drive/Dropbox account and watch your notes become available across the cloud services you use

Handwriting to text. Simply swipe.

Swipe your feeds to convert handwriting to text. Use converted text to create tasks, reminders, send messages, and more. Powered by industry-leading handwriting recognition technology, Livescribe+ app supports transcription in 22 languages.

Share notes in the format you need

Liberate your notes by sharing them in any format you need – PDF, DOCX, PNG, TXT and more