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Anoto’s proprietary technology permits companies to retain the proven benefits of paper while enjoying the full power of digital. 

Being able to capture handwriting on standard forms that are automatically transferred and converted into a digital format, offers a secure solution that leverages existing work practices while removing the challenges of user adoption.

More Efficient.
Very Ubiquitous.
Less Intrusive.

Seamlessly Capture, Manage and Share Data.

Automation Will Transform Your Business.

Real-Time Data Capture
Secure Encryption
User Friendly
Highly Scalable

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Healthcare, Home Care, Emergency Rescue, Clinical Trial, and other related Healthcare services

  • More efficient workflow
  • Single unified platform
  • Detailed and truthful patient outcomes
  • Improved patient care
Field-Based Workers

Building & Construction, Industrial Manufacturing & Equipment, and others

  • Increase in quality of work with time reduction
  • Information accuracy and complete reports
  • Supports multiple users on single form
  • Ease of use with short learning curve
Retail & Logistics

Telecommunications, Stores, Food Retail, Aviation, Rail Transportation, and others

  • Significant reduction of paper consumption
  • Prevents Identification Theft
  • Cost-effective Solution
  • No Risk of Data Loss
Financial Services

Banking Industry, Insurance Companies, Consulting Agencies, and others

  • Real-time remote monitoring of data
  • Time and money saved with automation
  • Improved data integrity and transparency
  • Accurate and User-friendly technology
Public Sector

Various Government Services, Military Services, Education Sector, and Others

  • Near instant availability of recorded data
  • No change to existing workflow
  • Data security and low risk of lost forms
  • Zero dependency on network connection

“It’s not a pen. It’s a precision instrument.”

 Professor Randall Davis, MIT, AP-701 Digital Pen

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