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aegir smartpen series

Our lightest and slimmest pens

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Writing digital has never been so fashionable

Starts at $99.95 | Available now

Small in size. Big on features.

Store upto 1,200 A4 pages of handwritten notes
Ajouter la voix à vos notes
notes manuscrites interrogeable
Synchronisation automatique des notes manuscrites en services de cloud computing
Notes d'actions dans le format que vous avez besoin
Recognize and transcribes notes from 22 languages
Notre plus mince et le plus léger encore SMARTpen

Note: Aegir smartpens work only with Livescribe dot-pattern enabled notebooks

all the storage for your notes, and more

Write and store up to 1,200 A4 handwritten pages right within aegir before needing to sync with the Livescribe+ apps

10 hours of battery life

90 mins of full charge with a micro-USB cable will keep the aegir writing for 10 hours

one smartpen, multiple devices

Android or iOS, smartphone or tablet – one aegir smartpen will keep your notes synced across all your devices

handwriting made mobile

Store and manage all your notes using the feature-rich Livescribe+ app. Share across your cloud services in any format you need

so light, you'll forget that it's more than a pen

At less than an ounce, it’s not hard to forget all the technology packed inside the aegir’s slender form

coming soon to desktops!

In addition to the Android and iOS apps, aegir will be supported by a brand new windows desktop application – coming soon


Choose your aegir

Disponible en deux modèles

Choose Color:


Choose your aegir

Disponible en deux modèles

Choose Color:


Your notes. Your ideas.

Anytime, Anywhere.

Livescribe+, the perfect companion app for Aegir.

Available for iOS and Android devices.

Windows desktop application coming soon!

Add voice to your notes. Use Pencasts.

Voice adds a whole new dimension to your notes and gives you the ability to re-live important periods and interactions.

Used with the Aegir smartpen, the Livescribe+ app records audio in sync with your handwritten notes


Your handwriting made searchable. Effortlessly.

Your handwriting is searchable, like everything else in your life. Tags can be added to keep your notes.

Utilisez la fonction de recherche dans l'application Livescribe + pour rechercher rapidement vos notes manuscrites sur les ordinateurs portables

Synchronisation avec vos services de cloud computing

Associez votre OneNote / Evernote / Google Drive / compte Dropbox et regarder vos notes sont disponibles à travers les services de cloud computing que vous utilisez

Handwriting to text. Simply swipe.

Swipe your feeds to convert handwriting to text. Use converted text to create tasks, reminders, send messages, and more. Powered by industry-leading handwriting recognition technology, Livescribe+ app supports transcription in 22 languages.

Notes d'actions dans le format que vous avez besoin

Liberate your notes by sharing them in any format you need – PDF, DOCX, PNG, TXT and more


Smart app for the smartpen. Livescribe+

Your notes made digital
Connect your smartpen to the Livescribe+ app via Bluetooth and watch your handwritten notes appear instantly.

  • Page view: See your entire page of notes exactly how they were written.
  • Feeds view: Your notes split into useful chronological snippets for easy sharing and transcription.

Auto-send notes to cloud
Use the auto-send feature to set up your notebooks to send and automatically update to common cloud connections like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and OneNote. Connect once and watch your notes appear automatically in the cloud.
Ajouter la voix à vos notes.
pencasts give your notes more depth by syncing recorded audio to everything you write and draw. Virtually recreate key moments or discussions.

  • Livescribe+ app uses the mic in our mobile or tablet to record audio
  • Tap on your notes and Livescribe+ app plays recorded audio on your mobile or tablet.
  • Share as interactive Livescribe PDFs/ videos.

Share your notes the way you want
The Livescribe+ app gives you the freedom to share your notes in multiple formats – PDF (searchable), Text, SVG vector artwork, PNG images. Take your handwritten notes in useful formats to Microsoft Word/ Powerpoint for editing, share it via email, text etc. Limitless options.

Did you know?

The fluid design of the aegir smartpens is inspired from Ægir – the Norse mythological figure associated with the oceans