Livescribe 3 smartpen

Livescribe 3 Smartpen

Designed to work and write like a premium ballpoint pen, the Livescribe 3 smartpen uses Bluetooth Smart to send everything you write to your smartphone or tablet.

The award-winning design saves written notes in memory so you don't even need to connect to an app to capture your notes. Just twist the ring and start writing. Learn more >

Livescribe Dot Paper

Livescribe Dot Paper

Livescribe notebooks feature an innovative dot pattern that tells the smartpen precisely what you’ve written or drawn. Livescribe paper is available at competitive prices in a variety of sizes and styles, and can even be printed for free with a laser printer.

Livescribe+ Mobile App

Livescribe+ Mobile App

The Livescribe+ app stores and organizes everything you write on paper. Livescribe+ uses leading handwriting conversion technology to make it simple to search your notes for what you need. You can also use Livescribe+ to record audio “pencasts” linked to your written notes.
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Livescribe+ for iOS Livescribe+ for Android
iPad, iPhone & iPod touch Smartphones & tablets
with Bluetooth® Smart
iOS 8 or newer KitKat® v4.4.2 or newer

Supported Device List

Company Device Model Minimum OS Version

ls3_logo_black ls3_logo_black
  • Livescribe 3 smartpen (Black Edition)
  • Livescribe+ Mobile App (Free Download)
  • Livescribe Starter Notebook (50 Sheets)
  • 1 Tungsten-Carbide Ballpoint Ink Cartridge
    (Black, Medium)
  • Micro USB Charging Cable