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Category: Utility Applications , Productivity Applications
Released Date: 02/16/2011
Seller: Quasar Solutions
Version: 1.1
Size: 4 MB

PageTag can be used to create, delete, browse and search text tags on Livescribe open paper. Use it to easily flag & locate important information in your notebook when you do not have access to a computer.

Tech Specs

PageTag is a unique pen based application that makes it easy to place and find tags in a Livescribe notebook. It enables the storage of a text tag, date & time of creation, and location information (notebook, page number and page coordinates).

Important Features are:

1) Tags can be browsed or searched, on the pen itself
2) Customization options allow the selection and ordering the metadata to be displayed
3) Flick through the information to quick find that important question in class or the action item in the meeting
4) QuickTag to place tags without having to create the text (i.e. circle existing notes, and tag it as important)
5) Tap N Pick existing tags and reuse.

Tags are created using on-pen Hand Writing Recognition (HWR). PageTag supports creation of English/ Numeric Tags for any Locale.

Language Support – English
Locale Support – All
Maximum Tags – 200
Tag Format – Upper Case Word, Lower Case word, or Numeric

Application Requirements:
  •     Pen firmware version: 2.5
  •     Livescribe dot paper
  •     4mb, program store + Tag File

(c) = Quasar Solutions LLC

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I left 2 stars only because I can't seem to even get this new application working for me - I may be ...
February 17 2013
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The app is working well but not the functionallity I expected. It is working as a stand alone app on...
May 10 2011
Title: A must have
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February 21 2011

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