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Geometric Ruler

Category: Utility Applications , Education Applications
Released Date: 11/11/2010
Seller: Carlos Maldonado
Version: 1.0
Size: 256KB

Geometric Ruler lets you draw lines and will give you its length. Also, can form shapes from the already drawn lines to calculate areas.

Tech Specs

Geometric Ruler

Ever happened to you that you need to calculate the length of a drawn line?, or wanted to calculate the area of an irregular shape?. This penlet allows you to draw lines freehand, and will accurately display measurements either in centimeters or inches up to the hundredths of the selected unit.

After drawing some lines, you can tap on a drawn line to check what was its length. Select first the units, then tap for the penlet to show the length either in centimeters or in inches.

Or maybe you want to create a shape with them and obtain its area. Define the shape’s edges by starting to tap on the first vertex of the first line, then on the second vertex of the first line, continue tapping on the first, then second vertices of subsequent lines; when
you get to the second vertex of the last line, double-tap on the first vertex of the first line to signal that you finished closing the shape. The penlet’s engine will try to figure out if the edges form a closed shape, if they do not, it will close it for you so it can calculate its area. The area will be displayed as square centimeters, and navigating down (MENU_DOWN), will show the area in square inches. At the time you tap on the vertices, be aware that the order you tap on the vertices could affect the form of the shape you are trying to close. The last tapped vertex of a line, will be connected to the first tapped vertex of the next line, and so on.

  • Application Requirements:

    • Pen firmware version : 2.2.0
    • Livescribe dot paper
    • 256KB minimum free smartpen space
    • 1MB minimum free disk space
  • Languages: English only
© 2010 Carlos Maldonado
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