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Zork 1

Category: Entertainment Applications , Game Applications
Released Date: 03/10/2011
Seller: Charlie Cole
Version: 1.0
Size: 192 KB

Play the legendary Zork text adventure on the Livescribe smartpen!

Tech Specs

In The Livescribe Store

You are standing in the Livescribe store. There is an exciting looking product that catches your eye.

> look at exciting product

It’s the extremely excellent Infocom classic, Zork.

> take product

As you take it down from the shelf you see there is some text on the back too.

> read back of box

It says “Party like it’s 1980! The wildly popular Infocom game, Zork, is now available for your Livescribe smartpen. Explore the Great Underground Empire all over again by simply writing down what you want to do next.”

> download it

  • Application Requirements:
    • Livescribe smartpen
    • Livescribe dot paper
    • Requires 1 MB minimum free space

English language only

Zork 1 is used with permission of Activision Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Title: thanks for the memory
if it's boring you are too young. This is what early games were! I remember in 1982, when I was 19, my husband, another friend and I stopped at my MIL's house after a party in the same neighborhood at about 3am. We figured we would shower and nap 'til breakfast. Well Spouse-man saw Zork sitting on the coffee table and fired up the youngest brother's TI99 and were still sitting there all tripped out, drinking coffee and typing away when the family came down in the morning, LOL. It was a blast to play it again 33 years later.
December 24 2015
Title: Zork 1
I love this game, some of the time it doesnt recognize what im saying but the game is so fun I barely notice
September 10 2011
Zork is so awesome, I bought an entire notebook just for this game. This app brings you into a whole new wrold, with exciting events and hard puzzles. The only problem I have with this game is restoring and old save, because it never seems to reconise where you tap. But I don't care, because restoring an app outside of the game works just fine.
July 18 2011
I really like this game! Hope they'll release Zork II and III soon or any text-base adventure games.
July 05 2011
Title: Boring......
Watch the Youtube clip. How would anyone but the developer know what to write for instructions. I spent some time with this game and it would only recognize 60% of the items and instructions. Sorry... I just don't get it. I was so boring and really not that challenging.
June 02 2011
Title: AAAAHHHH(angels singing)
this is the best game in the history of games for this pen it is worth at least 2-3 dollars yet these people are selling it for free it is amazing i have literally spent hours playing this game i mean once you learn the basic commands everything else just flows but hint to beginngers start by writing east. ;)
May 18 2011
Title: Great!
This game is great for the platform and has introduced me to a new (old) way of gaming! I hope the developers continue to make more apps like this and I congratulate them on porting Zork very well!
April 18 2011
Title: Awsome!
This app is awsome! Accurate and extremly fun! brings back good memories.
April 13 2011

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