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Released Date: 11/20/2009
Seller: Shawn Silverman
Version: 1.1.2
Size: 302KB

Convert between units using your own handwriting.

Tech Specs

Using the Unit2Unit application, you can quickly and easily convert between many different units of measurement using your own handwriting. For example, you can write “6 ft -> cm” and have the pen tell you that 6 feet is equal to 182.88 cm. Abbreviations are the quickest way to perform a conversion, however the tool also allows words. For example, the same conversion can be written as “6 feet -> cm”. In addition, tapping on a previously written expression will show the previous conversion result.

The application currently understands a total of 111 units in the following 13 categories: Angle, Area, Computer, Energy, Force, Length, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume, and Weight. Included is a unit reference feature that allows you to look up the appropriate abbreviation for each unit while writing your conversion.

What’s New in v1.1.2:

  • Fixed the mph -> m/s conversion.

What’s New in v1.1.1:

  • Localized Spanish text.
  • Localized Chinese text.

What’s New in v1.1:

  • Support for negative numbers.
  • Configurable settings for display precision and voicing the result.
  • More details in the result, such as the multiplicative factor in decimal and
    fraction form.
  • Restructured menus with nicer text.
  • Additional help.
  • Fixed handwriting recognition (HWR) for locales other than English.
  • Localized French text.

This application is an open paper application

  • Application Requirements:
    • Pen firmware version: 2.5
    • Livescribe dot paper
    • 302kB minimum free smartpen space
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I bought it and the temp is changes from K to kilos, is even if I write slow it, give me the convertion to gallons it does not give what you need. it should just calculate the temp, if you pick temp, all in its catogory! agghhhh!
January 23 2012
Title: Ugh..
Seems to work ok for simple conversions.. But on some things it is just horrible.. Sometimes I'll draw the arrow and as I'm typing the unit to convert to, the unit i'm converting from changes! shouldn't the arrow lock it in? also, a way to erase the convert to unit to change it would be nice, so I don't have to type the same conversion multiple times until it works. The program is still buggy, but with a litte work, I'd gladly pay much more for something that functions well!
February 14 2011
Title: ???
Does this App Have Physics conversions like coulombs, amps, volts, neutrons and electrons, kips to lbs etc???
February 12 2011
Title: Useful, but a few bugs
I like this application, though sometimes I have to write the conversion more than once for it to properly recognize what I'm trying to do. Also, it will not recognize negative numbers, so for example you cannot convert -18°F to °C. I contacted the author and he said that is being fixed and an update will be released "soon". Overall, I think it's a good application.
September 13 2010
I downloaded this application and it worked pretty good, but then I updated the software on my pen and now it doesn't work... I think this problem needs to be fixed immediately!
September 06 2010
Title: Great... but
Application works very well in most cases. However, it seems to encounter some problems with decimal points. Sometimes it detects it other times it doesn't... If this can be fixed then it would be awesome!
July 05 2010
Title: Great app
App works really well and has lots of conversions. I found checking his web site for the tutorial videos and conversion list really helpful.
March 18 2010
Title: installation not successful
Just got the pen.. I purchased this app for conversion of glaze recipes but the app has not installed on the pen???? I have version 2.2 of livescribe software... any suggestions???
March 15 2010
Title: ???
Not a single conversion has worked. What is wrong with this??
March 12 2010
Title: Must have if you work in mixed units
Very handy utility with a richness of conversions. A quick scan through the HELP will show you the abbreviations for the units. For example, to convert oz to pounds, you write ### oz -> lbs while for fluid measure you write say ### mL (or ml) -> floz. Very handy tool to have available.
February 08 2010
Title: You MUST get this !
Pays for itself within abut 5 mins if you have occasional conversion requirements. Brilliant concept very well executed.... a MUST have app !
December 20 2009
Title: I'm going to use this a LOT
Super useful, and works well. I'm always in need of unit conversions, so I am going to use this app a lot!
December 16 2009
Title: Great product
All my life I learned to use the metric System. Now I am in the USA this is very hard brain work trying to find out how many kg are in a pound, how far are 2 miles etc. This Application does all of the conversion. All I need to do is to write what I want. Not only the pen reads my handwriting but also translates it to an answer. Great Product!
December 13 2009

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