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Text To Table

Category: Productivity Applications , Utility Applications
Released Date: 08/07/2011
Seller: PCK Apps
Version: 1.0
Size: 200 KB

Text To Table allows you to create tables on your Livescribe notebook that can be easily transferred to your Windows-based computer. Once transferred, the tables can be opened with most spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel. This gives you a digital copy of your table and allows you to do calculations with your data.

Supported Operating systems for Text to Table Desktop: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Tech Specs
Text To Table makes capturing data in rows and columns a breeze. The rows of the table are the rows of your notebook. The columns of the table are created by drawing vertical lines on your notebook when you start the application.

As you write in the cells of the table, your text is recognized in real time and displayed on the pen’s display. To improve the recognition success rate, you can choose between three different modes: Number mode, Alphabet mode and a full recognition mode where numbers and letters are recognized. In all modes punctuation marks are also recognized.

You can create multiple tables and move between them seamlessly, as all tables are automatically saved.

After you have finished entering data into your table, you can easily transfer that table to your computer using the Text To Table desktop application, which will provide you with a list of tables on the pen. You can choose to save an individual table or all of the tables on the pen.

The transferred tables are saved as comma separated value files and can be opened using most spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice and Google Docs. Depending on your spreadsheet application, you can change the format of certain cells and perform various calculations on your data.

This application has a penlet and a desktop application. The required accompanying Text to Table Desktop application is available for download from PCK Apps at http://www.pckapps.com/texttotable.html.

Requires Text To Table Desktop application to transfer tables from smartpen to PC. This application has a penlet and a desktop application. The required accompanying desktop application is available for download from PCK Apps at http://www.pckapps.com/texttotable.html. Text To Table Desktop

Supported Operating systems for Text to Table Desktop application: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Requires a lined Livescribe notebook/journal

Requires Pen firmware version: 2.4 +

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Make it for mac
July 22 2013
Title: Great productivity tool
After I figured out what text modes work best, I found this app very helpful. It saves me a lot of time compared to having to enter my data manually into excel.
September 21 2012
Title: Works well!
I'm a post-grad student and take a lot of notes and measurements in our lab. This app saves me so much time! I write down my measurements, plug in the pen, download my spreadsheet and plot my graphs in Excel. The handwriting recognition works pretty well, and the few errors it makes takes a second to fix in Excel. Beats typing everything into columns from scratch!
June 21 2012
Title: Not Great
The recognition is pretty bad, and it doesn’t work with myscript. I need tables to track workouts, and time logs. But it doesn’t recognize colons. I have nice hand writing and it thinks I’m writing letters when the number mode is on. I need this program to work, I hope they keep week working on it! If it worked better it would be the most valuable app on here.
June 15 2012
Title: Mac's
Suck it up Mac users. Everyone else has been for years while non-Mac systems/users have been patiently waiting. About time you had to take a back seat. Patience...
May 12 2012
Title: ATTN Fellow Mac Users!
I'm an Apple Girl & recently a LiveScribe girl also. But no smart pen or it's $5 app was going to sway me from the beauty and user friendly interface of my Apple products. hahaha. & to answer all of my meager frustrations came - the CloudOn app for iPad. It has solved virtually all of my MS/Mac problems. So long as you're an iPad user as well, problem solved. :)
February 29 2012
Title: What about a MAC version
Looks cool but as usual NO MAC version. :)
February 29 2012
Title: Great application
Does what is says and does it well. The text recognition is amazing
January 25 2012
Title: Don't blame the developers?
Apple wants to be compatible with everybody. It's the developer's business to do that. But Microsoft does what Microsoft was always best at: forcing developers thru contracts to be incompatible with Apple. 5 million switch from PC to Mac every year. In US alone.
January 14 2012
Title: Love it!
Excellent app! Don’t blame the developers if it doesn’t work on a Mac as it’s outside their control! Regarding the text recognition, I found that it’s best to only use the text or number mode.
January 01 2012
Title: Disappointed Mac User!
Just putting my new Livescribe pen through it's paces, saw the 'text to table' app… brilliant BUT NOT FOR MY MAC! Please don't forget us Mac users!
January 01 2012
I got this running on my pc, but not my mac. You can't even run it through wine, which handles most windows programs. I would STRONGLY advise that Livescribe add obvious mac/pc ICONS that appear next to EVERY LOGO, LINK, and PAGE related to the app. This icon should at LEAST appear on the PRIMARY DESCRIPTION PAGE of a given app, NOT UNDER A SECONDARY PAGE. I'm not upset about 5 dollars, but if this had happened on a more expensive application it may have ticked me off. Great product, but your website definitely has a lot of design flaws.
December 30 2011
Title: Nice App...
…but needs Mac OSX support
November 23 2011
Title: Excellent product and service
The program works very well and I received quick feedback from the developer about a question that I had. 5 Stars
October 03 2011
Title: Great App / Needs Mac Support
This app works really well. 5 stars for OS X support or docs on how to get the files off of the pen.
September 28 2011
Title: Works well, just read the instructions
For me this app works very well once you know how to use it. The website explains all the hidden features that might not be obvious to find. One thing it fails to mention is that you can set up fixed alpha numerical columns in the setting menu. When you write in these columns the text mode is automatically set to alpha numeric mode. You can also clear a cell by double tapping if you made a mistake, very handy.
September 20 2011
Title: Absolutely awesome!
This app is amazing! It really makes data capturing easy! Excellent
September 20 2011
Title: Has Possibility, But Released Before Ready
Just uploaded the app to my pen and figured out how to work it. 1. Tap on the four arrow cross on the bottom left side of paper. 2. Scroll down to Applications, Right Arrow to select Text To Tables, Right Arrow Again to start new Table, right arrow again 3. Draw vertical lines for the columns. Double tap when done 4. Draw the letter M outside but near table - this is the switch for numeric, alpha, and alpha numeric columns/data. This is important for character recognition. Recognition is slow, and not as accurate as it should be. Mine had trouble distinguishing between o and 0 (zeros), t and +, etc. I also tried writing over, but the "recognition" continued adding to the end of the string.
September 20 2011
Title: Difficult to use and no instructions at hand
I think the idea is good, but the character recognition engine is not good enough. Too cumbersome to constantly change between alphanumeric and text modes for my tables and plenty of misspells in the couple of tables I've done. Some user's guide or instruction manual would have helped out a lot! Wouldn't mind to have my money back in principle.
September 20 2011

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