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Sound Stickers (Redeem Only)

Category: Education Applications , Reference Applications
Released Date: 06/10/2011
Seller: Livescribe
Version: 1.0
Size: 368 KB

Livescribe Sound Stickers let you quickly and easily record and playback audio. Record your own audio, then simply tap a sticker for playback.

Tech Specs
Livescribe Sound Stickers let you quickly and easily record and playback audio. Record your own audio, then simply tap a sticker for playback.

To purchase the stickers, click here.

If you already have the stickers, click Redeem under My Shopping Cart to download and install the app onto your smartpen.
This product requires smartpen firmware version 2.7 or later. Dock your smartpen to download & install the latest software.

Works with all Livescribe smartpens. Download and install the Livescribe Sound Stickers App onto your smartpen to enable the stickers:
  • Purchase the stickers online, by purchase order, or through your sales rep.
  • When you receive your order, you will also receive an application redemption code.
  • Go to Livescribe.com/store and click Redeem under My Shopping Cart.
  • Follow the instructions for entering your code and installing the application onto your smartpen.
*Note: Your smartpen can support stickers from one pack of Sound Stickers at a time. Please do not use stickers from multiple sticker packs at the same time, because your smartpen will recognize them as the same stickers.
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Title: Poor Process
Why is it so difficult to download this product? I have already called customer service once about the website with poor results: "none of our other Canadian customers experience this problem." I am so frustrated with the multi-step processes required that I'm done with the smartpen.
December 10 2013
Title: This sucks!!!
I have tried three different times to redeem my sound stickers, but to no avail! Where is the application? Should it not just pop up after I redeem my stickers??? I hate when websites are not user friendly!!!!1
October 22 2013
Title: Love the sound stickers!
I downloaded the app using my redemption code with no problems. I was recording audio to the sticker in less than 15 minutes. The online sound sticker help guide is very useful and easy to use. There are lots of uses for the sound stickers in the classroom...even students can make their own recordings. Thanks for developing a great product!
November 25 2012
Title: No promised discount
When I purchased my 4 GB Echo pen, I received a card saying I would get 15% of the price of an application. The sound stickers are a product, but also an application you have to redeem and download, but I didn't get the discount when I entered the code. I don't know how well they work, as I just now ordered.
October 06 2012
Title: Yay!
I see so many uses for these, at home and in the classroom. The only downfall is that the redemption code is good for one account only, which makes it difficult to share stickers with someone who has a separate account.
April 27 2012
Title: stickers don't have a record button
because the stickers don't have individual record buttons, you need to use a seperate sticker wiht a record botton on it to activate the recording and then also tap the sound sticker. - I was hoping to use them to put onto hand out I get in class - and then tap on them - but now in addition to carrying the pen and the sound stickers, I need to fumble around looking fot the record sticker - and I still haven't found an easy place to carry that. I would have thought that each sticker had a record botton printed on it. The sound stickers are poorly designed.
October 08 2011
Title: Do Not Purchase
To use stickers you must download a particular application. Their website crashed when I attempted to redeem code and mow am blocked from downloading. Wrote their help contact group several times with absolutely no response. Must assume company having big problems with product. Read they are going out of business!!
August 31 2011

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