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Scientific Calculator and Smartpen Controls (Redeem Only)

Category: Utility Applications , Education Applications , Reference Applications
Released Date: 06/22/2010
Seller: Livescribe
Version: 1.0
Size: .25 MB

A fully functional calculator in the size of a credit card that you can keep in your purse or wallet. The back side of the card has convenient Paper Replay controls, a Nav Plus, and Status buttons for quick and easy access to the applications on your smartpen. Two credit card sized cards included.

To purchase, check your local BestBuy or click here to purchase it online.

If you already have the card, click Redeem under My Shopping Cart to download and install the app onto your smartpen.

Tech Specs

This paper-thin calculator card fits in your wallet, so you can take the guesswork out of quick math calculations. Includes Livescribe dot paper controls on the back. Great for on-the-go access!

This fully functional calculator works with all Livescribe smartpens. Solve advanced math calculations for work or school. Includes scientific and trigonometric functions plus logarithms, reciprocals, and factorials.

Please see Livescribe Calculator Card on how to use this app.

Cards are made of durable styrene plastic. Works with all Echo™ and Pulse™ smartpens. Download and install the Scientific Calculator and Smartpen Controls app onto your smartpen to enable these cards:
  • Purchase the physical cards online or at your local BestBuy.
  • Once you have your card, remove the scratch-off label from the back of the card to reveal the application redemption code.
  • Go to Livescribe.com/store and click Redeem
    under My Shopping Cart.
  • Follow the instructions for entering your code and installing the application onto your smartpen.
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Title: Getting the Calculator & Controls Plastic Card to Work
Hi, mine wouldn't work either, but the person is right who said to use the Dec 14 review because once I took that advice, mine worked also. Haven't used it yet so my rating is only because I can't give the review without the rating.
March 28 2013
If you bought this at Best Buy or somewhere like that with a Redeem code to be used with a SKY take the card back APPS do no work with the SKY SMARTPEN even though the front of the card says "WORKS WITH ALL LIVESCRIBE SMARTPENS". Then if you haven't yet, Buy the Starter Notebook. On the back of this note book you can use the calculator and do things like set the time or clock.
December 27 2012
Title: this should be included for free
This app should be included for free, rather than the silly piano app.
December 27 2012
Title: Confused
I purchased the scientific calculator cards and I managed to purchase it using a different account than the one my pen is registered on so I can't get the update on my pen. Should I just re-register my pen using the account I bought the calculator on ?
November 14 2012
Title: Great!!!
I purchased the card from Best Buy, and followed the instructions on the card. After connecting my smartpen to my computer I clicked on the Application Manager on the top right of the Livescribe Desktop, it didn't list this app right away. But once I clicked the "Check for Updates" button, it showed that it was already on my smartpen.
January 24 2012
Title: Please make this easy
I too have spent hours trying to get this to work - I have redeemed my sw using my code - but what i would like to see is a humongous DOWNLOAD button after this process has completed. I am at a loss.
January 22 2012
Title: worked for me
I bought the scientific calc card today at best buy, followed the instructions on back of card, and it downloaded to my pen and worked right away. Usually if something is going to go wrong, it goes wrong with me and the computer. I like it alot.
March 30 2011
Title: Not so simple
I thought this would be a great thing to have, but after 12 hours no update has shown up. I have tried everything that has been suggested here and nothing has worked. It shows I have redeemed the code, but still nothing. One would think that this would not be so difficult to do.
March 27 2011
Title: You have to reboot
This really had me stumped. I let the desktop install all updates and it also installed new drivers for the pen. The pen still says to "Update your smart pen's software to use this dot paper." There is supposedly some software that is supposed to be downloaded - which happened to be the latest version of the desktop software but that is not the same as a pen app. There is no new app in the Application Manager to load onto or off the pen. I removed the pen from its cradle several times to test the card and also shut down and reloaded the desktop software but no avail. So I rebooted my computer and then ran the desktop and clicked the app manager and their listed at the bottom of the list was the Scientific Calculator and Smpartpen Controls app and it was already showing as installed on the pen. Who ever manages this web site should include the necessity of rebooting the computer as the final installation step. This little card is great.
February 23 2011
Title: Does nothing
So far, even with everything fully updated, following the instructions precisely, the application will not install and does not work. The pen simply asks me to update the firmware, which has been done.
January 29 2011
Title: Install trick
Folow the directions from Dec 14 2010 and it works like a charm. Did not have to buy anything but the card.
January 14 2011
Title: Install Trick
Followed steps 1-4 on back of card. Opened livescribe desktop app manager and nothing happened until I went back to livescribe online tab at which point i was asked to log-in (again?). Then I went back to the applications mgr tab. Selected help up top, then check for updates and voila' (is that how you spell voila'?) it told me i had an application update and kind of took over automatically. Installed to pen just fine. Not bad!!!
December 14 2010
Title: Trouble finding your download?
I had trouble finding the downloaded software, and this is what finally worked: 1. Ctrl + Help Menu > Customer Service Tools > Unlink Desktop From User 2. Shut down and restart LD 3. Dock the pen--you should get a prompt to authorize the desktop 4. Check for updates 5. Check application manager or download manager for app Some people don't get why you would need this, since all the controls you need are usually in the notebooks. However, I carry the pen in my purse, and sometimes want to use it as a recorder or calculator even if I don't have any pads with me.
November 19 2010
Title: Works Great
I had no problem. After redeeming I got into the desktop and did a check for updates. It found it and installed it. I find it is a little redundant as each notebook etc. contains the same stuff; but these can be cleaned and hold up much better.
November 17 2010
Title: you're just doing it worng
ok here is the skinny. The code can take up to 5 hours to validate on the livescribe server after activation at best buy. i had to wait 15 mins, I was lucky. Then at validation of the code a download link doesn't appear. You're actually supposed to go to the livescribe desktop in the application manager section and you'll find 2 downloads. Desktop ver. 2.5 and the software for the app. Do the update first and then the card app. ok then, everybody party!
November 07 2010
Title: Calculator Card
Has anyone resolved their issues with this card. I am taking a math class in college and thought this would be great. I love spending money on something I can't use. If you see this card in the store...don't buy it. It is a waste of money.
October 30 2010
Title: Can;t redeem
Same as the preceding complaints. I bought it at best buy and cannot redeem unless I apparently purchase an upgrade.
October 18 2010
Title: cannot use
I also cannot use it. Bought it yesterday from Bestbuy. entered in my code...and nada. Nothing happens. Just keeps saying I need to update my software although I have the latest build.
October 17 2010
Title: cannot redeem code
Thought this would be a great app. Redemption code was not found, Best Buy blamed livescribe, livescribe repeated the directions to me. Which still didn't work. Emailed livescribe back, they will no longer respond.Customer service of both Best Buy and Liivescribe is terrible. would love to test app, but all I have are the cards. They are credit card sized and look nice.
September 27 2010

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