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Password Safe

Category: Productivity Applications , Utility Applications
Released Date: 07/29/2011
Seller: nodewave
Version: 1.0
Size: 452 KB

All your passwords at the tip of your pen!

Tech Specs

Password-Safe allows you to manage your password list on your desktop PC, and access them on your smartpen.

Edit your passwords on your Windows PC and transfer them on your smartpen for protected access while you’re away from your personal PC.

On your Windows PC you edit your passwords and save them in an strongly encrypted file which is also protected with a “safe-code”. Then by a simple click of a button you transfer them to your smartpen.

To access your passwords on your smartpen display, you will be asked to do a simple addition on your safe-code and write the result, then your password safe is then opened and you can navigate inside it using a convenient menu system.

There are many nice features such as:

  • Strong encryption, and impossible to hack Smartpen storage! (not like an iPhone or Android…),
  • Password grouping,
  • Ability to draw a shortcut button for rapid access to the Password-Safe smartpen application,
  • Exporting your passwords to a CSV file for compatibility with Excel.

Password-Safe is the ultimate companion for your online life, with its help you can now use strong passwords and remember them!

Never forget your passwords anymore, always have them with you!

    Smartpen firmware 2.6 or above.

    Requires Password-Safe To Smartpen Transfer Tool Desktop application to create/save/load passwords and transfer them to your smartpen from your PC. This application has a penlet and a desktop application. The required accompanying desktop application is available for download from nodewave at http://www.nodewave.com/software/smartpen/passwordsafe.

    Requirements for Password-Safe Desktop application:
    •Windows Seven, Vista, XP
    •Available USB port
    •10MB minimum free disk space
    •Microsoft .NET Framework 4

    Requirements for Password-Safe smartpen application:
    •Livescribe Dot Paper
    •3MB free space on Smartpen

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    Title: Like it
    Great password management app (working perfect on Windows 8), and the access from the pen is okay. I like the fact that nobody thinks that you store your password on the pen, and I trust more my smartpen security than my Android phone...
    August 20 2013
    Title: Excellent
    Stop blaming the developer for not supporting the Mac, they just can't because Livescribe did not provide an SDK for Mac. Nevertheless, this app very-very good: intuitive, fast and very reliable.
    March 14 2012
    Title: I would buy a MAC version
    Please do not forget the MAC guys. No excuse these days not to have a MAC version.
    February 29 2012
    Title: Great app again, thank nodewave !
    Seems that nodewave is clearly the best app supplier of the store! As with all their apps, it works painlessly, has a good manual, and gets directly to the point by being very well thought (all what you need, not less, not more) and easy-to-use. Thanks for providing great apps to my echo pen.
    February 04 2012
    Title: Excellent
    Easy to use, and I feel much more confident in storing my passwords in my pen than on my hackable phone!
    January 25 2012
    Title: Very good
    Handy and simple to use, you get access to your all passwords by writing down the result of an addition (your-code + random number). But be warned it requires a windows PC to upload passwords to the pen (not MAC compatible).
    January 20 2012

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