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Paper Tablet

Category: Productivity Applications , Utility Applications
Released Date: 09/30/2010
Seller: Livescribe
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 0.5MB

Use your Echo smartpen as a mouse and turn your dot paper notebooks into an extension of your screen. Once connected to your computer via a micro-USB cable, Echo can be used to mark up slides, presentations, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets quickly and easily.

Tech Specs

Note: Paper Tablet works only with the Echo smartpen and requires firmware release 2.5 or higher and Livescribe Desktop version 2.3 or higher.

Use your Echo smartpen as a mouse and turn your dot paper notebooks into an extension of your screen. Once connected to your computer via a micro-USB cable, Echo can be used to mark up slides, presentations, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets quickly and easily.

Skip the hassles of scanning and add your signature, handwritten notes, drawings, or graphs directly into your digital documents. Enjoy the feel of pen on paper while capturing that brilliant idea, rough sketch, or even adding a personal touch to your emails.

Paper Tablet tracks your smartpen while it moves over and on Livescribe dot paper, allowing Echo to be used as your computer’s cursor. Enter left-click, right-click, and click-and-drag commands from your notebook.

*Paper Tablet allows the Echo smartpen to identify itself as a HID (human interface device) to the computer. As a result there are some applications that are incompatible with Paper Tablet; specifically, Paper Tablet is not compatible with Adobe Photoshop on MacOS, and can not access all tools and features within Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator on Windows or MacOS. Please see Paper Tablet for the Echo™ Smartpen on how to use this app.

  • Note: Paper Tablet works only with the Echo smartpen and requires firmware release 2.5 or higher and Livescribe Desktop version 2.3 or higher.
  • Requires Pen firmware version: 2.5 +
  • Requires Livescribe Desktop version: 2.3 +
  • Requires MicroUSB to USB cable
  • Available USB port
  • Livescribe dot paper

Paper Tablet is incompatible with the MacOS version of Adobe Photoshop.

Windows XP does not include special inking functions for Microsoft Office that are standard in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Functional limitations exist when using Windows or MacOS versions of Adobe Illustrator, and the Windows version of Adobe Photoshop. Specifically the Tablet Pen can not work properly with the Tools Panel.

Please see Paper Tablet for the Echo™ Smartpen on how to use this app.

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Title: Hovering does not work
Since a new Firmware Update was released, hovering does not work any more...until then only a one star rating
June 28 2016
App (tested in OneNote) does not work as it should. It blocked my windows explorer. It does not show where you are in the screen until you start drawing. Resolution and speed of writing is low. Not only the app is bad. Customer service refuse to refund me; all that I got was some links in my mail for troubleshooting!
March 29 2016
Title: Works wonderfully
I'm surprised at all the negative reviews this product has been getting. I had absolutely no issues getting this to work on Windows 7 64-bit. As long as you're careful to not escape the screen boundaries (which happen to line up well with the buttons on the side of the page if you work in landscape mode and use a 1080p display), everything here works just as one would imagine.
July 14 2013
Title: does work on a Mac
This app does work on a mac, though for writing on the desktop you will also need an app like Ultimate Pen (another $20). In fact, if you buy Ultimate Pen you can write and draw anywhere on the desktop using your mouse. I've been using the Paper Tablet app for writing on PowerPoint slides, which is great. What I didn't appreciate before buying the app, though, was that PowerPoint *already* has a built-in pen inking feature. Just right-click when you are in presentation mode and you can "write" on the screen using your mouse.
January 27 2013
Title: urgh
it would be REALLY HELPFUL if you just stated that this app SHOULD NOT be used on macs.
January 09 2013
Title: Works great
on win 7. No problems. Super awesome!
December 18 2012
Title: OOops.. forgot to read review
Sure.. sounds great but now that I have 'redeemed' it, the application shows up in LiveScribe Desktop... but will NOT install onto the pen. 45 minutes later and I want my 20 bucks back.
September 29 2012
Title: Too Much Trouble
I have spent half a day try to figure this out. Pen needs to be registered for the application to upload to your pen. Does nothing for a Mac. Please make compatible for Office programs on Mac. They say it works on power point in Mac, but can't figure it out yet. Needs to be more user friendly.
August 19 2012
Title: Works on Mac!
Quiet a few said it doesn't work on a Mac, I downloaded the app followed instructions and it works just fine. I use an app called Ultimate Pen - it'll draw on top of your desktop which is perfect for notations etc. Just read the set up instructions do as directed and the app works fine. I would have given the app five stars if the set up would have been a bit easier.
May 05 2012
Title: if I would have known ...
... about the other comments, I would not have bought it; now I'm experiencing the very same already documented non-performance of that application; if the seller can't fix the issue, I think it be fair to give my money back. Was a happy user and promotor of the Echo Smartpen, but now I am getting upset on being talked (marketed) into a non-working application.
April 16 2012
Title: Great App.
Work perfectly on my computer. I have no serious business or software needs, so using this program for all general purposes has worked great so far. This differs from a graphics tab in that you can actually see what you drawing first hand on the dot paper--which is especially useful for inexperienced users. The only thing is that you should probably buy some of the plastic pen tips so you don't waste a sheet of paper each and every time you want to use it.
March 19 2012
Title: Great in Theory
This application sounds like it would be great. I did purchase it at Best Buy, and installed. It works as expected, when it works. I've found that the Tablet app keeps disconnecting from my computer. I thought it was the USB cable, so I changed it. Even tried it one another computer. Same results. It's a great novelty item, but don't expect it to replace your graphics tablet.
February 27 2012
Title: Nothing but Frustration
Great idea - If It Worked! I'm an experienced computer user, but the company software is lousy. I couldn't order extras, change quantities or even order a quantity for that matter. Soft ware? It was loaded per instruction with no stops, no error codes, no shutdowns. But that is where it ends. The advertising and ordering software should be rewritten so that it works. The system is slow! Main terminal is where? Some language is ambiguious. No instruction booklet so one has to switch screens often while trying to load. I'd like to use it, but please just tell me how! For example: step 1, Step 2, step 3, etc. I feel like I just spent a couple of hundred dollars for a $2.98 ball point. PR Honolulu, HI
February 21 2012
Title: Not for everyone
I have tried out this program in all the main MS Office apps and it seems fairly useful. It is NOT as simple or user friendly as the video leads you to believe. It can be challenging to get the pen to write where you expect it to on the page and it is going to take more practice for my notes to not look like a 3rd grader wrote them. Be sure to review everything on the website about download and installation. You have to download it and then go to manage apps to transfer to pen. Does not provide fine control over images (at least for me) but will be very functional for demos during virtual office hours or occasional tutoring with my college student advisees.
December 29 2011
Title: sucks
it dosent even show up in applications to download
December 25 2011
I should have read the comments before. I cant find this application anywhere. can someone help.
December 21 2011
Title: Windows: Good; Mac: Bad
I give it 3 stars because it works very well on Windows 7 with Office 2010, but it is basically useless on a Mac. Hopefully Mac users read these reviews before purchasing.
November 18 2011
Title: Where is it?
Downloaded the So-Called app after it was redeemed. Where the hell is it? It's not on my Echo. I would not advise apps for this pen.
October 30 2011
Title: Mac users beware..
I can only comment on the Mac use of this software. The only use I could make of this software would be in conjunction with Dabbleboard.com. I can appreciate where the developers were trying to go, but never got there. The truth is, don't become one of us (the hopefuls). Unless you have a specific use that you know will work, don't waste your money. Don't get me wrong, it works but with such a limited selection of other software. In fact most things you can do with it can be done better with other apps and devices (iPad etc.). The pen is great and I love it - Paper Tablet is a very limited use product that could make the pen look bad. Caveat emptor!
October 14 2011
I just purchased this product and it's useless. Livescribe claims (per their website) this product has limitations in MAC OS X Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. However, you fail to mention Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Livescribe is promoting a product that DOES NOT WORK and does not have compatibility as they claim. An issue such as this is false advertisement and a legal liability!
October 09 2011
Title: Tablet: NOT MAC compatable
I purchased the Peper Tablet application at Best Buy and the packaging clearly states MAC and Windows compataible. BUT ITS NOT MAC COMPATABLE wish I would have read the reviews before I scratched the card
September 06 2011
Title: Excellent pen, BAD Application
Don´t bother to try this applicaion. The only reason I found to change my pen is the tablet application. Livescribe should be worry about this. They should have an application that works just as well as the Livescribe Desktop (On MAC and WIN). Now I understand why there isn't a DEMO for this application.
August 22 2011
Title: Not working with Adobe Reader v10 for Mac
Paper annotation (Pen Icon), to include signatures in PDF files, is not available in Adobe Reader v10 for Mac. Therefore this app cannot be used as per the tutorial. A waste of money…
August 19 2011
Title: DON'T touch w/ MAC
As other posters noted, it's pretty useless if you have a mac. Terribly disappointed in this program. I expect a lot better mac support than this. To livescribe: As a company that cares about what it's users think YOU SHOULD BE UPFRONT about what your product can and can't do. Don't make people waste money. This has been a complaint of mine with livescribe since I first bought the pen.
August 02 2011
Title: Worthless...
This is bullshit... where is the Mac OSX support???
July 13 2011
Title: Good, but...
Works syprisly good! Recognize my terrible handwritting both in Russian and English very, VERY well! But incapable of recognize anything in landscape orientation. :( What, should I always write everything in portrait page orientation? Or may be programmers will add tiny button "Rotate" somewhere?
June 24 2011
Title: Very good!
It works like a real tablet. So when you move pen over the paper you can see that the mouse pointer moves on the screen. if you touch the paper it acts like a mouse click. I tried using it with MS paint. What I really like about it was that I could write without looking on the screen, and when I was done and looked on the screen I saw the same thing on the screen that I have on the paper. It is able to catch up with fast writing and is really precise. To start application I use main menu or quick start button, because the lunch line is not always able to recognize the word TABLET that I write. The only disadvantage that I noticed so far is that paper tablet is not capable on measuring pressure, it just checks the if the pen is touching the paper or it is not. Hence this product is not very useful for computer graphics applications.
June 17 2011
Title: Great on Windows, Useless on a Mac
Honestly, I don't even know why they bother selling this for the Mac. I got it to work just fine, but no apps support it, not even Office 2011. It works as a Mac Ink input, but not much else. Sure, you can use it a mouse, and left click, and right click, but you can't use it to draw with in any application that I've tried. If you want a mouse shaped like a pen that you have to use a special mousepad with, by all means, it works on the Mac for that, and little else. Works fine for Windows, in fact it worked right away, and it was useful and highly functional; I expected the same level of usefulness on the Mac. They should be much clearer about the functional differences between Mac and Windows in the documentation.
June 12 2011
Title: It Does Work - Good App
This application does work. You must follow the instructions provided in the user manual. "User Error" - most likely needed to restart the connection to your computer. (I had the same error.) Applications like Word and PowerPoint have a "pen inking" function (see Options in MS Office) that must be turned on. Don't be afraid to purchase it; this application works as described, and very nicely. Be prepared to read the manual and turn on the right options in the computer app your are wanting to use it with. Definitely a recommended application.
May 20 2011
Title: Doesn't do what you want
Tech Support was not helpful at all for supporting the Paper Tablet. The guy who my support person was communicating with (sounds like the actual developer of the application) was totally not empathetic to the problems I was encountering. Bottom line, if you expect your shared whiteboard to look like your pages do when they transfer to Livescribe Desktop, think again. Just writing my name on the whiteboard, it wouldn't look the same as what I wrote. It would drop letters. Add extra lines and dots. Not even legible most of the time. Tech Support said that was "normal" and expected. Really? The whole reason I got the Echo was for the Paper Tablet and the video that is shown on this page is really false advertising. I asked if there was a better app to use than the one I was working with (Adobe Connect) and they said no. I don't really care about the $15 I paid for the app. It's more the fact that I bought an entirely new pen to support this feature. Fail.
March 17 2011
Title: hmmmm
Okay, I'm undecided. Had trouble with the app, but called tech support and they were (as always) extremely helpful and patient (what can I say, "user error"). But it still seems flaky and doesn't work as seamlessly as it does in the video (life isn't edited). That being said ... the biggest bother is that I'm left handed and so the USB cable is, well, annoying. Any chance for a Bluetooth adapter (like the one I have for my wireless mouse?) THAT would truly make it a killer app. Oh, and OpenOffice support ;-)
February 18 2011
Title: Save UR $$$
I purchased this at Best Buy - a rip off! It doesn't work with my pen at all. Talked to customer support 4x with no resolution and they won't refund the $20. It's a massive hassle and non-functioning app! Bummed that Livescribe is putting out these bad apps!
February 13 2011
Title: Be Careful!
I bought the app and discovered its not compatible with Office for Mac 2008! They will NOT refund your money!!
February 11 2011
Title: worth buying it!
I just purchased a while back and I’m already a pro in using it. Very easy to use and navigate. You can also save whatever you write on any application, even the inking on power point. I use this for whiteboard chalk talk during my presentation. Worth the money, cannot complain for $14.99.
February 10 2011
Title: Doesn't work!
I bought my Echo Smartpen today and downloaded the Paper Tablet. Whenever I try to activate it by drawing the vertical line it is never successful... Big waste of my money now!
January 11 2011
Title: Dont buy if you have a Mac
Does not do half the stuff you can with windows. On powerpoint you cant save whatever you ink, it only is for presentation mode. Useless
January 03 2011
Great app. Works very well and is very accurate. Works EXTREMELY well when paired with myscript stylus. Fun to use also. Only problem is I wish there was a way to use the pen wirelessly so I can walk around and use the pen or sit from a distance and use the pen. Still a solid five stars :)
November 15 2010
Title: Trip to Tech Support
maybe onto billing
November 08 2010
Title: Bluetooth
would work so much better if I did not have to sit next to my laptop, and could walk around with my notebook and pen and look at the screen
October 29 2010
Title: Flick Does not work
This is the reason I bought Echo. I did not give 5 for the only reason that I cannot use the flick utility. I used it this morning for my workshop and people were really amazed. I wish I do not have to go back to my Tablet for the FLICK utility. Good Job. Please update it soon.
October 27 2010
Title: Missing Features...
Works great however, flicks, (Gesture scrolling like on the iphone) does not work, simply because when you drag the pen on the paper it simulates a click and drag like a mouse. Needs fixing, but if you fix this livescribe, or tell me how to fix it. This would be almost perfect!
October 23 2010
Title: Win 7 - Office 2010 Compatibility
Remember this is a $15 app. You're not buying a $100 Wacom tablet here... so with that in mind, yes it does function as a tablet, great buy for $15. A reminder, this is NOT a substitute for a Tablet PC with touch and inking features, big difference. All-in-all, this app has great potential, but as far right now... it's just a fun toy (for me), YMMV. Please read forum comments under Smartpen Apps before investing.
October 22 2010
Title: Works Great
I cant believe how well this actually works. I have been waiting for this since i got the Echo, especally since this was the deciding factor on which pen i got. I'm so happy it finally came out. Although it did take about 10 min to actually get used to; it became very easy to use. Also the pen really does work best if you hold it vertically. I suggest using the stylus instead of the ink, this way you only ever have to use one page instead of an entire book! This is a great app to have and i strongly recommend it!
October 21 2010

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