Premium Music Player

Category: Music Applications , Entertainment Applications
Released Date: 09/21/2011
Seller: Pen Point Partners
Version: 2.1
Size: 30 KB

The best audio player available for your smartpen. Now you can play music, podcasts and more on your smartpen!

Tech Specs

Premium Music Player is the best audio player available for the Livescribe smartpen. Our simple and intuitive user interface makes playing songs on your pen easy and fun.

+Create playlists on your computer, or using open paper
+Play, Stop, Pause, and Skip functionalities make navigating your media library easy
+Manages 1000’s of songs

Pen Point Partners is one of Livescribe’s top developers, with extensive experience in mobile computing, which has allowed us to develop a superior music player at a low cost.

  • Application Requirements:
    • Download the music management tool for your desktop at


      Premium Music Player is compatible with most DRM-free audio file types, including iTunes’. Works with .avi, .mpeg, .wav and .mp3 file types.

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      Title: does not work-no help
      On install got an error message when I tried to use it. Uninstalled and updated every Windows NET upgrade.- Same result. What appears on the screen when/if you get the program to open contains no instructions. Neither Livescribe or the developer have any help. You can not even locate the developer on the web (which inspires all kinds of confidence in their work). Give $9 to charity, at least that will do someone some good.
      October 01 2012
      Title: :-(
      Ain't working for me neither. This app should be removed from the store.
      January 30 2012
      Title: Not working
      Can't use it: Error 1001
      January 25 2012
      Title: Great App
      Not sure what the other review is talking about. I haven't experienced any problems with this app, and I love having music on my pen! It's easy to use and has a lot of functionality.
      January 05 2012
      Title: DON'T BUY!
      This app has nothing premium, only low-cost! After a few days of using this app my pen became very slow, the next day it was completely unresponsive. I had to do a factory-reset of my pen (I lost all my recordings!!!). I now have switched to the other mp3 player "Music Player for Smartpen" and I must say it's like night and day, that other music player has better sound quality, is much more ergonomic, and the desktop software is just great. Conclusion: Don't buy this low-cost and bugged app and instead buy the other "Music Player for Smartpen" which is way better. Hope it will save your time and money.
      December 04 2011

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