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Released Date: 08/07/2011
Seller: nodewave
Version: 1.0
Size: 50 KB

Text-Browser makes it easy to read and navigate in custom content on your smartpen screen. Simply edit your text content on your PC and transfer it to your smartpen…

Tech Specs
With the comfort of your PC keyboard, use the Text Browser Editor PC software to create and transfer your text to your smartpen.

The Text-Browser smartpen application displays your text organized in an automatically generated menu structure to allow blazing fast access to the right content.

Never forget anything anymore!

PC Requirements:
•Windows Seven, Vista, XP
•Available USB port
•10MB minimum free disk space
•Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Smartpen Requirements:
•Requires Pen firmware version: 2.5 +
•Requires MicroUSB to USB cable, or USB cradle.
•1MB minimum free smartpen space
•Livescribe dot paper

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Title: PC == Mac, surprise?
Mac user again. What might you developers surprise is that PC can be both Mac and Windows computer. A personal computer (PC) is a general-purpose computer, whose size, capabilities and original sale price makes it useful for individuals, and which is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer operator. No mention of the operating system. For the God's sake, just write "With the comfort of your Windows PC keyboard..." and "Simply edit your text content on your Windows PC and...", and everyone's safe and sound.
December 23 2013
Title: Great experience
Great experience for me. Simple to use text editor. I don't understand the previous review saying there is no help as it's the first thing you get when you open the Windows app! (and you can also press the Help button...)
August 20 2013
Application is not intuitive and there is no user manual available. Tasks that should be simple to perform ie: erase text from your pen, correct error messages etc, become a real head ache. Perhaps i will figure it out but for now I am far from being a satisfied and happy customer.
February 07 2013
Title: This LOOKS like a great app
One more voice to pipe in with my disappointment that all your computer linked software is Windoze only. I've been a Mac person since I left the PC world back about when DOS 2.0 came out. (circa 1985)
September 11 2012
Title: Excellent, Must have
Stop blaming the developer for not supporting the Mac, they just can't because Livescribe did not provide an SDK for Mac. Nevertheless, this apps is plain sugar, intuitive, fast and full of features. I highly recommend it.
March 14 2012
Title: PC ONLY
I almost bought this but luckily I read the reviews and found out it was Windows only. I have been moving all my data and apps from my PCs to my Macs and refuse to buy another Windows only app.
March 04 2012
Title: Excellent
I'm very satisfied with this app, it just couldn't be better: easy to use, fast and efficient. Also the desktop app has great features to let you manage a huge lot of content easily (using a dynamic text import tag). Excellent job, Bravo!
February 04 2012
Title: Excellent
Even better than expected: you can automatically download google news and weather on the pen, cool for boring courses :-P
January 25 2012
Title: Great tool
Very useful app, it display text as a menu structure. The windows app also has some nice features to merge content from multiple files, very useful for me because I use it to have the formulas of several different courses (math, physics, ...)
January 20 2012
Title: PC != Mac
I am a Mac owner, and I thought the description was pretty clear, even before reading the reviews. Needless to say, I did not download because it says "PC".
November 29 2011
Title: Transparency please
Full disclosure: I did NOT purchase this (which is why I am rating it 3 stars (neutral) because I am forced to rate). However, I *almost* did purchase this. But it requires desktop software and that is Microsoft Windows only (I use Macintosh). I am simply writing this so people know. I really wish developers who create apps that require desktop software would make it clear when it is available for one platform and not the other. I only learned because I visited the web site. I'm not whining - just passing along a "heads-up" to anyone else who may be interested in this app. :)
October 22 2011

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