SwissKnife All-in-One

Category: Productivity Applications , Utility Applications
Released Date: 04/26/2010
Seller: nodewave
Version: 1.1
Size: 1.5 MB

Turn your Pulse smartpen into the ultimate productivity tool. The nodewave SwissKnife All-in-One application includes the following functions: Stopwatch, Ruler, Counter and Metronome.

2010 Developer App Challenge People's Choice Productivity Category Winner

Tech Specs

Turn your Pulse smartpen into the ultimate productivity tool. The nodewave SwissKnife All-in-One application includes the following functions: Stopwatch, Ruler, Counter and Metronome. You can also customize the application voice as "Mike" or "Crystal".

Stopwatch: Draw one or more stopwatches on your paper and use them simultaneously. Includes the ability to start and stop individual stopwatches or synchronize all stopwatch functions.

Ruler: Measure anything that fits on a Livescribe notebook. Features Metric or Imperial measurements with precision up to 0.001mm.

Counter: Need to quick calculate the rate of multiple events? The counter feature calculates any event's extrapolated occurrence in the rate per hour (or per day, month, week, year). You can also run multiple counters and utilize the optional common stopwatch.

Metronome: The Metronome plug-in allows you to hear a sound at a selected rate per minute. All provided in Italian from 40 Grave to 208 Prestissimo, with configurable sound.

To see the app in action, check out the demo here.

Please see the SwissKnife User Manual on how to use this app.

  • Smartpen firmware version: 2.2
  • 2MB minimum free smartpen space
  • Livescribe dot paper


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Title: blazing precision
The app is very good and easy to use, but what blazes me is the precision of the ruler, and the accuracy of the stopwatches. It's not just another toy app, it's a professional tool.
March 14 2012
Title: Excellent
Very nice app, easy to use.
January 25 2012
Title: Good tool
Just works as it says, very complete user-manual (but feedback survey seems to be closed now). I use the ruler very often it's extremely precise. (for me the stopwatch indicating HMS was the right choice because it's easier to read while your moving your pen to switch fast between several stopwatches)
January 20 2012
Title: Bad Stopwatch
The stopwatch is completely unreadable. You can't tell where the numbers stop and the letters begin because it's all run together. They give a display like: 1:00h02m06s617ms Who can read that? Yes, if I study it enough and agonizingly parse out each term. The universal way you indicate time ON EVERY OTHER STOPWATCH IN THE WORLD is: 1:00:02:06.617 Please change it at your soonest convenience.
November 07 2011
Title: A Great Application!
Stopwatch: As many timers as you need. The pen helps you create the control buttons for each one. You can do other things while they are running, Even turn off the pen and come back later. Counter: As many counters as you need. Make control buttons similar to stopwatch, counters retain their count even after power off. Ruler: Very nice, no line need be drawn, just touch two places on a dot paper page and it gives you the distance Metronome, useful for conductors and musicians to fine the right tempo for a music piece. A very good app. Well worth the price!
January 31 2011
Title: Pretty Cool, but what about an update?
i bought this app a few months ago and there haven't been any updates... what happened?
July 20 2010
Title: Amazing !!!
This app is really the best app in the store! If you want only one app you want this one. The multi-stopwatch is incredibly powerfull and the ruler is just perfect. I can't wait to see the next plugins...
May 01 2010
Title: SwissKnife needs YOU !
Please, take this survey to tell us what future plugins you would like next, and what you like in SwissKnife. Survey Link:
May 01 2010

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