Category: Education Applications , Reference Applications
Released Date: 04/26/2010
Seller: Ripware, LLC
Version: 1.0
Size: 9 MB

Help your elementary school kids or students learn how to spell grade-level appropriate vocabulary words.

2010 Developer App Challenge -People’s Choice Education Category Winner

Tech Specs

Want to improve your child's spelling? The SpellingMe app for the Livescribe Pulse smartpen tests students on vocabulary words for grades 1-5. Each test consists of 16 grade-specific words. Users are prompted to spell a word and the smartpen will provide feedback on whether they succeeded in spelling each word correctly. When a test is complete, the application displays the number of correct and incorrect words. As users master each level, they can move up to the next grade level test.

To see the app in action, check out the demo video here.

  • Pen firmware 2.2
  • Livescribe dot paper
  • 25 MB free disk space
  • 20 MB free smartpen space
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Nothing is wrong with this as the pen tells you what word to spell out loud. This is a good app thanks.
January 09 2013
Title: Did anyone notice?
If you watch the demo on You Tube, the pen display reads, "Spell you're word." What's wrong with this picture?
November 19 2010

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