Category: Game Applications , Entertainment Applications
Released Date: 06/04/2010
Seller: Chris Rogers
Version: 1.1
Size: 5.4 MB

The classic Sudoku logic puzzle game packed inside your smartpen. We have combined the instant feedback of electronic Sudoku games with the notation freedom of the pen and pad Sudoku games. This is truly the best way to play Sudoku.

2010 Developer App Challenge - People's Choice Entertainment Category Winner

Tech Specs

Sudoku is a challenging and addicting logic puzzle game. The objective is to determine the values in each blank square by logically eliminating all other possible values. The application can generate an infinite number of random puzzles with three difficulty levels. You will never again need to pull out your Sudoku puzzle pad only to find out you have burned through all your puzzles. If you fill in a square correctly, the smartpen lets you know it with a chime. Fill in a square incorrectly and you will get buzzed! You will never again need to get halfway through a Sudoku puzzle on regular paper only to find out you must have made a mistake countless steps ago. The grid is incredibly accurate and can even distinguish between notes and valid guesses. If you get stuck, there is a hint button to help you along. Puzzles are stored automatically so you can come back to continue at any time. We have combined the instant feedback of electronic Sudoku games with the notation freedom of the pen and pad Sudoku games. This is truly the best way to play Sudoku.

Whats New (version 1.1):

We have implemented a new character recognition strategy that solves a common problem with some writing styles that use multiple strokes for one or more digits. This includes the digit 4 for most people and the digits 7 and 5 for some people. Any digit that requires multiple strokes can now be easily entered without problems. We appreciate the feedback and will continue to improve the application.

  • Requires Pen firmware version 1.2
  • Livescribe dot paper
  • 10 MB minimum free disk space

Copyright 2010, Chris Rogers, All Rights Reserved

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Title: More Challenging Level Please
I've found the app works fine and I am pleased with it. However, I would really appreciate a higher level of difficulty as the "hard" level is not sufficiently challenging. Are you planning to, or are you prepared to, add a higher level of difficulty or two?
January 19 2011
Title: Excellent!
Very well done. Whatever kinks it had, they seem to be gone. Hints in game and great number recognition. A must buy!
September 21 2010
Title: Definitely a problem in 1000 words
Today I purchased your defective game. Per LiveScribe protocol, the consumer must first contact the game developer with their questions or findings. The following are my observations and were submitted to the developer . The two main concerns: 1) After drawing a grid, the pen is not accurately reading the 10 vertical and 10 horizontal lines along with the numbers inserted. I get a message that it is “solving the problem”. At this point it freezes and you have to go back to the main menu. I am never make is as far as entering numbers in Row 2. 2) Once the first row of numbers are inserted (and that requires several tries), you continue to trace over them several times and the program gets jammed in some infinite loop. Once again, you must go out to the main menu and you begin the process all over again. This is extremely frustrating not too mention a waste of paper. My $2.99 +tax =$3.20 is being held hostage by LiveScribe until I hear back from the techy. Not cool at all.
July 28 2010
Title: Doesn't work
I have tried this 6 times on different difficuly levels. It lets me write the box but when i go to enter the numbers it will not recognize them! I just contacted the company and waiting on a reply. Will update if i get it working.
June 24 2010
Title: A complete waste of my time and money
After an initial 24 hour wait to get this on the pen and 4 emails to support and a facebook interaction, I find that this app simply does not work. Well it sort of worked once and now doesn't want to know! It won't recognise the number 4 no matter how I write it and more often than not 7 either. It gives you absolutely no feedback as you play so you may as well have just printed a board off the internet! I press hint and it tells me to correct a square that is actually correct to begin with. I'd like an immediate refund please, I'm not at all impressed by this whole 'apps' experience.
May 13 2010
Title: Just what I needed
Works well after a couple of practise rounds. I sometimes screw up with the lines and that buggers up the puzzle. Pen battling with the digit 4 - needs some practice on my side. The "Hard" setting's puzzles isnt very hard though?
May 05 2010

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