Category: Game Applications , Entertainment Applications
Released Date: 04/02/2010
Seller: Rohit Gupta
Version: 1.0
Size: 7 MB

CodeBreaker is a game that tests your analytical skill. It is based on a century old game played with paper and pen. Goal is to guess a 4 digit number.

2010 Developer App Challenge Contestant

Tech Specs

CodeBreaker is based on a century old game played using paper and pencil.

The goal is simple – guess the 4 digit number. You have a maximum of ten attempts.

The basic operations are as follows:

  1. The smartpen generates a 4 digit random number
  2. The user is asked to create a game board (a rectangle with 3 quick “commands” on the side)
  3. The user writes out a four digit guess
  4. The smartpen compares it to the code and tells the user the number of digits in the correct/wrong place
  5. Game continues until you guess the code, or max out at 10 guesses

The game has 3 levels – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced, and options to control the voice prompts. All of these are implemented using the menu on the display. The application can be completely silent, but still give you all the information to play.

Basic Level – 4 digits number with no repeating digits. Smartpen tells you the position that is correct/misplaced or missing.

Intermediate – same as Basic, but the smartpen only tells you how many digits are correct/misplaced.

Advanced – 4 digit number can have repeating digits, and the smartpen will only tell you number of correct/misplaced.

  • Firmware : 2.0+
  • Open Paper Application
  • 7.5MB Free smartpen Space
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