Category: Music Applications , Utility Applications
Released Date: 11/20/2009
Seller: Stefan Lynggaard
Version: 1.0.4
Size: 410KB

Guitar lets you play guitar chords and melodies.

Tech Specs

Can’t tell an E major from an E minor? Guitar application is a quick and easy way to learn guitar chords. Entertain yourself or others by strumming your hand drawn paper strings. Sing along or write a new tune of your own!

Draw your guitar strings, write the name of a chord, and strum away by moving your smartpen across the strings. Write down the chords of your song and tap them to switch between them. Learn to distinguish chords by mixing and matching between them.

Use the right sound for your song by using the appropriate instrument.
Guitar application includes fourteen different guitars and basses to cater to any taste.

The application sports a sophisticated chord generation engine to figure out fingering for simple to complex chords, this makes the application a very handy tool to find new chords for the intermediate to expert guitar player.
Want an A chord around the 6th fret with as many open strings as possible? Simply add the chord AFret6Open and the engine takes care of the rest. A chord is displayed using, name, fingering and fret board graphics.

  • Application Requirements:
    • Pen firmware version 2.1
    • Livescribe dot paper
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Title: Does it work yet?
Very hope full this app works now? does it work yet?
January 25 2011
Same as everyone else, pen kept crashing.
September 13 2010
Title: I'll keep my distant from this one
This is not a review. Developer listen to your customers. I'm tempted to buy this app but after reading these reviews, no way. Listen and Act.
July 30 2010
Title: Crash
This was a great idea, but needs more work. My pen kept crashing, even when I wasn't using it. If the developer isn't working on it, I'd recommend not to waste $5 on this one app.
May 18 2010
Title: Needs Work
Great idea but the pen crashes when ever I use it. Hope it gets fixed soon.
January 17 2010
Title: Is the programmer up for this?
I bought this despite some of the bad reviews, but they are all true. This is great concept and the app shows wonderful potential, but the programmer just doesn't seem to have the Smartpen's CPU under control. For the few seconds it works, it's awesome. Then it gets flaky and then it crashes the pen altogether. Fixed, it could the Smartpen's best app so far. In its current state, it's nearly worthless.
January 13 2010
Title: Avoid untill its next release
I'm not trying to sway anyone but I would like to warn you, this was released way too early. I love the concept, It just too tempermental. I find that it reads chords other than what I write as well as freezes or shuts off. My pen is constantly rebooting and I've had to reset it 2x already. Being one of the more expensive apps, I'm dissapointed this was released with so many bugs. I hope these good folks remedy this soon & offer a free upgrade to us unfortunate patrons who feel kinda cheated. Do what you will, but be forewarned. The piano will have to do for now as far as I'm concerned.
January 11 2010
Title: It should not be sold
The application is not ready for marketing. It barely does what it is to do. As others said, it hangs almost every time you use it. After you finish or, more often, after it finishes itself, you cannot use the same strings again. Do not think it is like the piano that comes with the smart pen. I think livescribe would give some compensation for people who is mislead by the propaganda. Hear us, this program is a bad joke!!!
January 07 2010
This apps is good!!!
December 30 2009
Title: crashtar
freezes. nearly impossible to add chords. just not up to par.
December 25 2009
Title: unusable
This program keeps crashing my pen and affects the performance of the pen even when not using the program.
November 25 2009
Title: Please Refund My Money!!
This is incredibly buggy. The program keeps crashing, and is pretty much unusable.
November 21 2009
Title: Sha-wing!
Cool app. You can "strum" chords with your pen and a piece of paper. Sounds totally like a live ax. I'm gonna be hackin through songs on the train, waiting on line, in class... Rock on.
November 19 2009

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