Acyclic Alkanes

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Released Date: 11/16/2009
Version: 1.0.2
Size: 75KB

Learn to draw and name Acyclic Alkanes.

Tech Specs

The first things you learn to name in organic chemistry are three-dimensional Acyclic Alkanes with up to 10 carbons. Acyclic Alkanes contain only carbon and hydrogen but do not have any rings or multiple bonds between the same two atoms. Typically they are drawn using lines and wedges. Lines represent the bonds between atoms and wedges represent atoms protruding from the plane of the sheet of paper. Using the Acyclic Alkanes application, you will learn to draw and name all 239 Acyclic Alkanes.

  • Application Requirements:
    • Pen firmware version: 2.1
    • Livescribe dot paper
    • 75KB minimum free smartpen space
    • English
    • Copyright © 2008 and beyond
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Very Hard to use, does not recognize any of the line structures that I attempted to draw...the instructional video shows complex alkanes I could BARLEY draw a simple butane. VERY ANNOYING
September 05 2010

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