German Travel Phrases

Category: Travel Applications , Reference Applications
Released Date: 11/16/2009
Seller: Livescribe
Version: 1.0
Size: 5.6 MB

A simple way to learn to speak over 100 German travel phrases. Use your smartpen to select a phrase in English, hear the German pronunciation and read the translation. With topics that range from Transportation to Food and Drink, you'll be talking like a native in no time.

Tech Specs

Planning a trip to a German-speaking country? Learn to speak over 100 German travel phrases quickly and easily. Simply scroll through the various topics and select a phrase in English. You'll instantly hear the translated phrase from a native German speaker and read the German translation on the smartpen's OLED display.

Includes a host of topics, including Transportation, Accommodation, Food and Drink, Social, Health and Medical, and Shopping.

To learn more about using this application, please see Using Pulse(TM) Smartpen Applications.

  • Application Requirements:
    • Pen firmware version : 2.1
    • Livescribe dot paper
    • 5.4MB minimum free disk space
    • 6MB minimum free smartpen space
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Title: Great value for $2.99
Once you are in a category, you can jump to the phrase you want by writing it on livescribe notepaper and double tapping the pen tip when you see it appear on the screen. This written phrase becomes a permanent shortcut to the written and spoken german translation, no matter what application you are in (if you are recording and you tap your phrase, you will get the written translation, but no audio - pause or stop the recording to get audio too). This product would be better if it shipped with a printable 'index' phrasebook with premade shortcuts to very phrase. This is why I gave it 4 stars, not 5. Obviously an advanced version with more phrases would be great, too! In case you are wondering what you get with this, see's_German_Travel_Phrases_application&src=ansTT
February 18 2010
Does not work with the 2GB Pulse Titanium.,
November 21 2009

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