Spanish Travel Phrases

Category: Reference Applications , Travel Applications
Released Date: Nov. 16, 2009
Seller: Livescribe
Version: 1.0
Size: 5.7MB

A simple way to learn to speak over 100 Spanish travel phrases. Use your smartpen to select a phrase in English, hear the Spanish pronunciation and read the translation. With topics that range from Transportation to Food and Drink, you’ll be talking like a native in no time.

Tech Specs

Planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country? Learn to speak over 100 Spanish travel phrases quickly and easily. Simply scroll through the various topics and select a phrase in English. You’ll instantly hear the translated phrase from a native Spanish speaker and read the Spanish translation on the smartpen’s OLED display.

Includes a host of topics, including Transportation, Accommodation, Food and Drink, Social, Health and Medical, and Shopping.

To learn more about using this application, please see Using Pulse™ Smartpen Applications.

  • Application Requirements:
    • Pen firmware version : 2.1
    • Livescribe dot paper
    • 5.7MB minimum free disk space
    • 6MB minimum free smartpen space
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Title: Just a good idea
Start development on a translation program that will allow the user to write the phrase that they are trying to say in a language, press the beginning of the phrase, and hear a playback of the phrase in the selected language!
February 01 2011
Title: Help Wanted
The application needs an instruction guide. It seems useful but is not intuitive.
January 10 2010
Title: Travel Phrases are useful
This translator speaks out loud and also shows on the LED screen unique and very useful Spanish Travel Sphrases. An authentic Spanish speaker says them not some robotic synthesized voice which is very helpful when trying to decphier what is being said. Being a free app right now, i would encourage everyone to download it. I bet the other language travel phrases are much similar and helpful. Only thing i wish that this app had would be a few more strange phrases that might be used.
November 23 2009
Title: Helpful!
This will be very helpful when traveling instead of carrying around and searching through a book for quick phrases! Great development!
November 20 2009
Title: Has potential.
This Penlet has some potential, but when listening to phrases there's no apparent clean exit. It seems to go back to phrases you have to kill the penlet (activate menu or turn off pen) then re-enter the penlet. This hopefully will be remedied by the developer before they release it for it's $2.99 price. That seems quite reasonable with some polish. If that problem is fixed, I would increase my rating to 4 stars. I'd like to see the little bugs worked out before I would spend on it.
November 19 2009
Title: !Que Bueno!
Love this little app! I can't imagine anyone lugging around a phrase book or a dedicated electronic travel phrase device now. Can't wait to take my pen to Barcelona - I'll be able to communicate *and* I'll have a good conversation starter with the Pulse. I also really like the voice of the nice lady Spanish-speaker.
November 19 2009

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