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MyScript for Livescribe

Category: Productivity Applications , Utility Applications
Released Date: 10/26/10
Seller: Livescribe
Version: 1.0

Discover MyScript for Livescribe, the application dedicated to Livescribe Pulse/Echo Smartpen users that converts your ink to text!.

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Tech Specs
MyScript for Livescribe is an application that converts your handwritten notes to digital text:
  • Send your handwritten notes directly from Livescribe Desktop to MyScript for Livescribe for conversion to text.
  • Use your personal dictionary to add names, terms and abbreviations for even more accurate conversion.
  • Convert handwriting, shapes, drawings and tables into print.
  • Edit the resulting digital text directly in MyScript for Livescribe application.
  • Edited results can be sent to Microsoft Word or any word processor, to a text file, to your default email application or saved as a picture file.
Compatible OS and system requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP, XP Tablet PC, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bits) / Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard (Intel Processor Only)
  • CPU: 1 GHz or higher
  • Recommended RAM: 512 Mb
  • Hard disk space: 37 Mb
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768 minimum
  • Livescribe desktop version:
    • Livescribe Desktop for Windows: version 2.1 or higher installed.
    • Livescribe Desktop for Mac OS version: 2.1 or higher installed.
  • Internet connection for application activation.
  • Default recognition language: English US
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Title: pulse smartpin
made in china
March 17 2016
Title: Still not sure howto do multiple pages
I am able to convert one page at a time. But am still unsure why when I give it a page range myscript will not do the conversion. Anyone want to give me some tips out there ...Hope it is me and not "Myscript". ...cuz I need this application now.
December 17 2013
Title: Recognize my horrible handwriting and a new price
Really nice SW. My handwriting is horrible and it transcribe all very well. The plus is the price, right know $19.99 (I saved $10)
December 13 2013
Title: Great Little Addition
I was given this as part of my assistive technology at work due to my disability. At first I found it had difficulty in recognising my handwriting (which really is a scrawl) however after perseverance it is recognising around 92% of my handwriting which is great. Drawback is that it does not recognise mathematical symbols all that well and seems to wish to convert such symbol into words, which is perhaps something for the company to consider for future updates. Overall I find it to be of benefit to me.
September 24 2013
May 09 2013
Title: ROck star pen!
Wrote part of my dissertation with it. LOVE it. Want to learn how to do pencasts for teaching online. Currently writing a book with it as I love the feel of pen to pad. Love that I can connect with One Note too. Works perfect for me and my WIndows 7, Hp Pavilion.
March 21 2013
February 02 2013
January 31 2013
Title: Mathematics
So I have a mixed review. As far as handwriting it recognized and converted very well (and my writing in pretty bad!). However I was hoping to use it for the math classes that I teach and it does a very bad job when text is mixed with different symbols, diagrams and even had trouble handling exponents.
October 08 2012
Title: MyScribe to .xls
I have tried this software and it is GREAT!! Where I use it is when I take multiple voltage readings at work and have to import them to excel. WELL since excel allows comma delimited importing I simply write down my voltage reading, write a comma and then the next reading and so on. Then when I read it in with MyScribe I can import the text (comma delimited!) into MS Excel and it puts each reading into it's own cell. Takes just a minute or so from downloading from the pen to importing into Excel. WOO HOO! info on a single line converts into the same Excel row, new column for each comma. Pen info on seperate lines goes into the next Excel row. Empty cell? just add a comma!
September 17 2012
Title: It Really Works
Using 2011 Sony Vaio, Core i5, Windows 7 professional. Using Echo S.P. 8Gig. Used trial version MyScript & then downloaded full software. It does (for me) everything they claim. No clichés, no lost words or miss interrupted words. I even tried writing sloppy and it correctly spelled words. At a certain point it will begin to drop letters giving you @@/_- symbols it can't recognize. It seems quality of Operating System and the use of a current Smart P. or an older one are what is making for all the different reviews. Conclusion: newbies with new Pens and new performance PC - YOU WILL LOVE THIS App ! Remember this is new technology - so your old PC or old Pen will not work as well... maybe it's time to update(?)
September 02 2012
Title: How to get MyScript for Livescribe
RESEARCH/FEEDBACK POST ONLY. I am in the market for a smart pen as I am reentering the work force as a social worker. I spent about an hour doing some research and found helpful info and wanted to pay it forward. If you want to purchase MyScript check out this link: http://www.visionobjects.com/en/webstore/myscript-for-livescribe/description/ NOTE: You are encouraged to try before you buy as part of the ordering info. I found the info about this link via a Youtube demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_752605&feature=iv&src_vid=uNz2sLY-gNE&v=gO5GwLFlN3s I'm thinking I will purchase a Livescribe pen and after I use it for a while I will give a review. Youtube is fabulous and helpful when doing research on virtually any topic. ;)
August 28 2012
I have the trial version and have had no problem running it on my pc with windows 7. I have used it several times for my homework. It is really convenient because I am doing an independent study program so all my homework submissions are electronic. I can take my notebook wherever, write out my assignment, plug in my pen, convert it and then edit out little mistakes that are there due to quirks in my handwriting. I love it and like I said, I haven't had any problems running the trial version.
July 30 2012
Title: poor service
I ordered My Script Studio edition and never received the software. I receive a automated e mail telling me they may get back to me in two weeks !
July 10 2012
Title: I'm a messy cursive writer on a MAC
I got an ECHO 8gb for winter holiday and was supposed to start grad school but that was postponed, so I just used my pen yesterday at a work training. The other people in training wanted copies of my notes. I used MyScript to convert them. I have messy handwriting, cursive, I'm loopy and disjointed at times, I use some shothand like btwn and w/o and such. I've been accused of writing like an MD. MyScript actually did well! Yes, Of course I had to go in and fix things like double n instead of the m I had written, and it wrote duck instead of check, but it got most of it and me going in to correct gave me a chance to review, the side by side of the handwritten page with the translation makes that a breeze. I'm on a mac running snow leopard. I had no issues. Questions? gmail, amandafiles
June 29 2012
Title: Just starting to use it
It's not bad. Just to update some of the reviews; to use it, select a page you uploaded from your pen and then the there is a MyScript Icon, click it and "Send to MyScript"
May 19 2012
Title: Need a Mac OS 10.6 Lion version
I would like to have this product as soon as a version compatible with OS Lion is available.
May 16 2012
Title: Can't Use Trial App
I had the same experience as most people on here. No one I know (granted I only know a few people who have a Livescribe) has been able to get the trial to work, but in well over a year they have done nothing about it. I'm not buying software when I don't know if it works, especially when the company has done nothing to resolve a long-standing, ongoing issue. Moving on to other options outside of Livescribe and MyScript.
May 16 2012
Title: Understand it works for Windows, but horrible for the Mac
I hear Windows users like this, but it is without doubt the worse handwriting-to-text app for the Mac. I can write like a schoolteacher if I want to. Perfect lettering. Didn’t catch ¾ of my handwriting. Then I printed the letters. Still incapable of reading it correctly. Truly horrific. It boggles the mind that developers aren’t developing for Mac users. Developers: go to industry analyst Horce Dediu’s asymco.com and read the trending: http://www.asymco.com/2012/01/10/enter-prise/
February 21 2012
Title: Works Great, No Issues
Download worked without issue, install was easy, integration with Livescribe Desktop is nice. Converted cursive without issue. Some cleanup required, but way less than rekeying. Would be nice if there were a Connect plug-in for this to auto-convert.
February 01 2012
Title: Problems
There are problems when switching from handwriting to text. If you do any type of bullet point in your writing, it will insert random letters. If you don't have things lined up right, especially because the pen tends to put text lower on the page than you write it because of the location of the camera, it will break up what you write and put it all on different lines rather than one continuous paragraph, so you end up spending twice the time just formatting the document. Needs some serious work.
January 10 2012
Title: Worked Great
I haven't used this extensively yet, but I am very happy with my initial results. The software translated my handwriting with a minimum of errors and did it quickly. It is important to note that I write very neatly for the types of projects I am using my Echo Smartpen for. Also, the online help specifies instructions for the Pulse pen and seems to be utilizing an outdated version of Livescribe Desktop. Make sure that you close Livescribe Desktop before installation of MyScript or restart LD after installation. Then, to export a notebook to MyScript, right-click on the book in Livescribe Desktop and select "Send Notebook to..." and then select "Myscript"
December 26 2011
Title: Very dissapointing product and support
I got this pen from my very thoughtful husband for Christmas. After trying and trying to download the MyScript software unsuccessfully I finally had to go to Barnes & Noble and use their wifi to get it downloaded. Very inconvenient. The 185 mb LIVE SCRIBE software downloaded fine. The 21 mb MyScript software would not download. After all of that frustrating ordeal I installed all the software and then spent two hours trying to figure out how to get the pen to transfer my data from it to my computer and into the conversion software. The enclosed documentation was useless to me and the online help was not better. Seriously, I'm pretty good with techy and computer stuff and I still couldn't figure it out. I boxed it back up and it's sitting in my car ready to go back to Best Buy tomorrow. I'm buying a netbook instead. I would have given this product and it's support a no star if it was an option. Very dissatisfied.
December 22 2011
Title: Good - but!
So far i like this. The OCR is better than others I have used - the limiting fact is the connectors - you should be able to send the OCR text back to your livescribe desktop, or any of the connectors that LiveScribe utilizes...
December 11 2011
I got the free trial this app thinking it wasn't that much, but it was very bad at reading my handwriting, and my handwriting's not even that bad, and then after 30 days, you have to buy it for 30 DOLLARS!!! Thats a lot for a mediocre handwriting to type app.
December 02 2011
Title: Worth the price of admission
I prefer to study from printed text. I have lousy writing but this app translates my scribbling almost perfectly. There are some corrections that I need to make to the text, but I could not expect it to possibly do any better than it does. It’s extremely valuable when sharing lecture notes with classmates, as they can never read my writing. I love the app! Very worth the price.
October 27 2011
Title: reasonable expectations
I downloaded the trial version then bought the activation code for MyScript for Windows very easily, right off their site (VisionObjects.com). I had a small problem with the trial version because I was using a computer that had downloaded it before (so the trial had expired), but the support folks gave me a new trial and were very helpful and prompt. The program converts my scribblings quite well. If I take care in my handwriting, the accuracy goes way up. I do a lot of note-taking with scientific names of plants, so I uploaded a custom list of Latin plant names, and it now recognizes these with a high degree of accuracy as well. Then I added a list of New Mexico place names (nearly all in Spanish), and it now recognizes words like Llano and Peloncillo. All-in-all, I'm very pleased, and it does what I need it to do quite well. But, one needs a reasonable expectation for what it can recognize. If your mother can't read your writing, then this program won't either.
October 19 2011
Title: Purchase Problem
I used MyScript for the 30 days trial period. It's not perfect-and nether is my handwriting. Still, I LIKED it enough to want to Purchase it. As in ORDER it and PAY MONEY to download the app to my computer. Alas, after about an hour going back and forth between vision objects and Livescribe Store, I could not discover how to get it into my cart Or even the cost). This is my SECOND attempt to do this. HELP! Someone. Anyone?
October 16 2011
Title: Fantastic!
I just downloaded and tested the free trial version of My Script and am very impressed with the results. It easily recognizes print and cursive writing styles. The software also recognizes all numerals and most symbols without flaw. My Script is going to be the perfect addition to my note taking experience.
August 12 2011
Title: First test is impressive
I am running OS X 10.7 (Lion) and just got my Echo pen installed today. After downloading MyScript it took me less than 10 minutes to figure out how to use the program. It recognized most of my really poor handwriting right off, and especially important it had 100% correct recognition of numerical information. YMMV, but this is what I purchased the Livescribe pen for.
July 29 2011
Title: Great App:)
I own a Mac and did not have trouble using this at all and I'm not a rocket scientist either. Awesome feature to get your notes looking neat and not that many corrections either, except medical abbreviations. Thanks for the free trial version. Will definately purchase!
July 23 2011
Title: Horrible web-set up
What the hell!!!?!?!? if you make it available for mac's then you need to write up how to use it on a mac AND a PC! what the hell!?!!??!? Absolutely horrible business, would not recommmend to anyone and I haven't even tried the program. They don't even have easily accesible help sections, no number, no online form no section on what to do if you own a MAC!!!!!! which is one of the acceptable platforms!!!! what the hell!!!!
July 23 2011
Title: no trouble
i had no troubles with my windows 7. my handwriting is SHIT (really, people tease me) and i had no problems except with my really unusual name. after i entered my name into the custom dictionary, the program had no trouble recognizing it. the other thing is that you have to customize the conversion settings to recognize freehand drawing and shapes so that the program can convert to charts without getting hopelessly confused. the only thing is i wish we could keep the audio from the smart pen attached to the document... i'll keep playing with it to see if we can...
June 24 2011
Title: great concept poor execution
Without the ability to train the software on individual handwriting recognition, this software is not too useful. You spend so much time correcting mistakes in the recognition that you might as well type your notes. I was happy to see that the competing product from IRIS has the ability to train, I hope MyScript and Livescribe would take note of that.
June 16 2011
Title: Fantastic!!
I just purchased my Echo Smartpen and downloaded the MyScript App. I was a little concerned with it's functionality based on the reviews that were written. I wrote a quick test note in my not so neat printing since most of my notes will be jotted down quickly during a meeting. The MyScript application converted my notes perfectly and required no editing at all. This application does everything it says it does and was easy to navigate.
March 28 2011
Title: What I would like to see added
What i would like to see added to this App. would be a training to the pen and app that you would go through the alphabet in your own hand writing Caps lower case and both cursive that would allow the pen to read your own hand writing and then be able to read your notes back to you!!!
February 12 2011
A cool concept, but I don't see the point in having it. If you want your notes typed, just bring your computer to class and type up the notes instead of writing them, uploading them, and converting them, not to mention fixing all the mistakes this program made with my handwriting. It took a long time to convert, the support sucks, I couldn't figure out how to convert it until another review mentioned it, and I don't see the point in having it. If it worked much better, it might be cool, but as it is, it's a big pain for a result you can get simply by typing it in the first place.
February 09 2011
Title: Great software
It works well and really is helpful when you have to add your notes to a Word document. It loses a star for support. IT took me about twenty minutes to figure out how to transfer items from livescribe desktop to MyScript (right click the document in Livescribe and then choose 'share pages', select 'with MyScribe')
January 26 2011
This is a great concept...but it needs some serious revisions. It would take more time to fix the mistakes it makes than to copy it over myself to the computer. Waste of money if you ask me.
January 19 2011
Title: Not so good
After downloading and installing MyScript there is no way to import my notes into MyScript. The icon that they show in the help does not appear on the Livescribe Desktop and the MyScript website is completely useless with respect to any help with this problem. From the lack of simple integration and any details on the website I am not confident MyScript is quality software.
January 19 2011
Title: Works Well
I'm an engineer and tend to print legibly in a standard sans serif font, but still I was surprised how accurately MyScript converted my handwritten notes to a text file. No training necessary. Write, convert, use. That simple. Fast, convenient. No problems here.
January 15 2011
Title: Works great
I just got the pen today and just downloaded Myscript. You cannot export to Myscript with the share tab. There is a Myscript button in the top right on the Livescribe Desktop next to search that you have to click on for the desktop to export to Myscript. In order to convert your free trial into a registered version you HAD to buy the bundle that included Myscript. If you just buy the pen you will not get the registration code...you must buy Myscript if you did not get in bundled with the pen. Myscript worked great for me and I have a macbook pro. It converted all my text..even my cursive without any trouble AT ALL.
January 03 2011
I was able to activate the free trial but cannot use MyScript; my Livescribe "Share" button does not contain a "MyScript" option as indicated in the tutorial. Now I have to wait 48 hours and, hopefully, will get an answer...I'm not optimistic based on the dearth of valuable information on the MyScript website!
December 30 2010
Title: Visionobjects.com needs a new web designer
I would love to write a review on the product if I could just get to it and download it. The vendors web site is pathetic freezes up, pages carry numerous errors and link to download product for Windows does not function I do however have the code it is located on one of the inserts with the product.
December 28 2010
Title: Satisfied Student
I am a medical student who takes a ton of notes a day and needs to organize them and keep them for Board Reviews. MyScript is able to translate my sloppy, doctor handwriting into legible text that I can format and save in Word. All this with an easy download and no tedious setup!
December 28 2010
Title: Code enclosed
I received the echo pen for a christmas gift. As soon as got home and downloaded software and followed the application instructions and put in the code that was in the packaging it worked as advertised. I have just written one simple outline but hope to incorporate with editing manuscripts with my colleagues. I am a researcher in the healthcare at a university and I make several notes through out the day interacting with patients and projects each day. I am hoping this will streamline my work.
December 27 2010
Title: no activation code
Same complaint as above--did not receive activation code with the trial version and the contact information for email was incorrect.
December 27 2010
Title: Trial Version that you can't activate
OK So I've downloaded and installed it but can't use it with my Livescribe pen because it is impossible to authorize since no code was provided. Horrible user interface for pre orders
December 17 2010
Title: My Script software
Excellent software loaded with very useful features. Coverting hand written text to typed text works excellent and the typed text can be coverted in format for any word processor or to a PDF filoe.
December 16 2010
Title: Did not get an activation key
This is really a bad user interface for ordering. I did not get an user key and there is no way for me to find out how to get it - or at least I have not found out. I would like to have it - please help!
December 07 2010

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