Category: Game Applications , Entertainment Applications
Released Date: 11/16/2009
Seller: STILETTO Ventures
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 1 MB

Pilot a helicopter while you try to avoid planes, birds, and other obstacles as they come your way. Keep control of your chopper or you'll crash!

Tech Specs

Pilot a helicopter while you try to avoid planes, birds and other obstacles as they come your way. The longer you avoid hitting something, the higher your score. But be careful—your chopper keeps picking up speed!

Simply draw a small rectangular box and move the smartpen up, down, right or left to control your helicopter on the screen. The application keeps track of your highest score, so you always have one to beat!

1.1 MB Minimum free smartpen space.

Background recording is not supported while playing Helicopter.

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Title: the irony
seems like a great game but the thought of my math teacher catching me (he also uses an echo) probably wont be to good for my grade. Haha once i got the $$ i am definitely buying.
May 01 2013
Title: Time killer and fun
Love it! Nice game to kill some time.
December 23 2009
Title: fun
this app is fun, but i just wish the helicopter moved faster. Besides the speed, this game is a cheap and easy way to get through classes.
November 25 2009
Title: Simple Time Killer
I like this one a lot. There's not a lot to it, but its addicting, and if you play in class with the volume off no one would ever know.
November 18 2009

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