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Evernote Premium

Category: Productivity Applications
Released Date: 11/10/10
Seller: Evernote
Version: 1.0

With Evernote, your Livescribe notes become accessible and searchable from any computer, phone or device you use.

Evernote Premium - Upgrade now for $5 per month or $45 per year.

Tech Specs
With Evernote, your Livescribe notes become accessible and searchable from any computer, phone or device you use.
  • Jot and record your notes as you normally would, then send them to Evernote from within Livescribe Desktop.
  • Evernote takes it from there, automatically making your handwritten notes searchable and synchronizing them across you devices.
  • Evernote also lets you save web pages, text notes, snapshots, and more.
Desktop versions: Mac, Windows, and Web
Mobile versions: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS, and Windows Mobile

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Title: code does NOT work
I registered my new Echo pen & received an e-mail that provided a code....when I went to redeem my 1 year promotional Evernote Premium account, I typed my code in & it said that the code was not recognized. I was eager to try the Premium account this upcoming semester and I am hoping that I am able to do so.
December 21 2012
Title: No code
I Never received my code. With all the complaints you would think they would have figured it out
December 18 2012
Title: Free code works great...when registered
The problem with Evernote premium is LiveScribe. For some reason the fist time I connected my pen, I was not offered a chance to register and couldn't find anywhere to do so. Second time I connected I finally got Livescribe registration. Evernote premium email came within 5 minutes.
April 05 2012
Title: Evernote
I'm registered but did not get a code for Evernote premium. How long before you get the code?
March 21 2012
Title: Free Evernote?
I never received the free evernote for a year either. I got an email telling me to wait for a email with my free code in it, but i never received that email. Very disappointed.
February 06 2012
Title: Re: FREE Evernote upgrade
After you register your Smartpen from inside Livescribe Desktop you will receive an email that has your registration code. It worked for me this morning.
January 05 2012
Title: Has ANYONE gotten the FREE Evernote upgrade advertised?
I bought an Echo pen to get the Evernote Premium for one year, promised by Livescribe. NEVER got the fictional upgrade code that I was supposed to receive after registering and waiting 72 hours. Contacted support to no avail, just the standard "You should get it via email". Has anyone actually gotten the activation code or is this just false advertising?
January 01 2012
Title: Incredible
Evernote gets better and better everytime I use it. Love this product. 6 month user now.
September 10 2011

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