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Print Your Own Livescribe Notebooks

To print Livescribe dot paper documents on sheets of regular printer paper, you will need a color laser printer that is Adobe® PostScript® compatible and can print at 600dpi or higher. The pages you print will work with your Livescribe wifi smartpen in exactly the same way as any other sheet of Livescribe dot paper. You’ll be able to record audio and link it to what you are writing, tap your notes to play back what you recorded, and then transfer it, store it and play it back in Evernote®.

To ensure your printer can print Livescribe dot paper, we recommend you print a single copy of the WiFi Controls Sheet and test it with your smartpen.

WiFi Printed Controls Sheet

Test your print out by simply tapping any of the controls with your smartpen. If your smartpen responds appropriately, the printer has successfully printed Livescribe dot paper.

Once you've confirmed that your printer can print Livescribe dot paper, you can download and start using any of the other available documents:

Tip: Make sure you print pages at 100% size and do not scale printing.