Drawing a Nav Plus

If a pre-printed Nav Plus is not easily accessible, create your own by drawing one on your Livescribe Dot Paper.

  1. Using any Livescribe Dot Paper product, such as the included Starter notebook, draw intersecting vertical and horizontal lines.

    You can draw the intersecting lines in either order. The lines should be fairly straight and approximately the same length. The lines must intersect near their centers.

    Examples of Nav Pluses drawn incorrectly:

    • Lines are not straight.

    • Lines do not intersect in the center of each line.

  2. WIthin one second of drawing the lines, double-tap on the center of the Nav Plus. This completed the process of creating a Nav Plus.

    After you draw a Nav Plus, it is always usable for future use.

    Your smartpen shows the Main Menu if you successfully created a Nav Plus.