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The Basics

After setting up your Livescribe wifi smartpen, watch this video to learn the basics.

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Download a PDF of our step-by-step Basics Guide: Download PDF

Tip: Get step-by-step instructions for connecting to WiFi networks here.

Looking to set up your new
Livescribe wifi smartpen?

Set Up Now ls_helper

During the setup process, you will link your
Livescribe wifi smartpen to Livescribe and Evernote accounts. You can either log into existing accounts or create new accounts during the setup. You will need to use Livescribe Helper, a lightweight utility, to install a required firmware update for
your smartpen.

Livescribe Helper


Livescribe Helper will install firmware updates to your Livescribe wifi smartpen. Livescribe Helper for Mac and Windows supports syncing over cable in difficult WiFi environments.
Download Livescribe Helper for Mac
Download Livescribe Helper for Windows