Video Reviews

  • “Smartpen Benefits For College Students.” – UC Berkeley Disability Services Program

  • “Hear How Educators And Students Are Using The Livescribe Smartpen.” – Chris Dollinger, Ed.D

  • “Improving Comprehension For Students With Dyslexia.” – Anna Farha, Student

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Student Quotables

“The smartpen's ability to record helps to pick up the things I may otherwise miss in my classes due to both dyslexia and ADD.” – Maria P.
“I love this pen. It helps me listen to the professor again when I took the notes. I am an auditory learner and if I can hear the professor explain it again, I am able to remember how to do a problem.”
– Victoria S.
“I have ADHD and Livescribe pens have helped me to stay organized and keep track of notes and invaluable details from class. I have recommended Livescribe to several students.” – Samuel P.

“This pen has completely transformed the way I study. I'm an auditory and visual learner, so when I write the notes and am able to go back, look at my notes, and hear what my professor is saying at the same time is very beneficial! This has saved my grades in several of my classes.”
– Taylor S.
“The Livescribe pen provides another way to alter the teaching style to your own learning style without disrupting the classroom setting. It provides auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners their own outlets to learning.” – Suzanne H.
“It is a big help with students who have disabilities. It helps keep files organized, in one place, and picks up in the information that I miss in class.” – Carolyn I.

“I recently suffered a traumatic brain injury which affects my short term memory and the pen allows me to hear my classes again. Repetition appears to enhance my memory. I was a 4.0 student before, but now I rely on the pen to help me. I realize other students may have similar problems with memory and/or attention and this pen definitely can help others.” – Jennifer L.
"For someone with memory problems, like me, this is a wonderful solution. I have taken notes and recorded lectures before, but being able to tap a note and instantly hear just that part of the lecture makes a gigantic difference. I have used it extensively in my homework and test prep this semester, and found it particularly helpful for math lecture notes, which I have previously struggled with. This semester I'm getting an A, and have gotten 100% on every chapter test so far. Pretty good, I think!" –Summer H.
“Because I am a person with a disability and fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act I didn't know about the smartpen until my Doctor prescribed one for me for Class purposes. It has helped me greatly improve my grades. By being able to tape notes and then slow down the Instructor’s voice in places that they talk fast. It goes at my pace. I just received my grade for a Microsoft Excel Course that I struggled with all semester… the Grade 85%! Thanks, Livescribe I never missed a word! LOL” – Linda B.

Press Reviews

"This is a tool that is portable, lightweight and discreet,” said John Wolfe, Ph.D. “It can help them (students with learning disabilities) compete on the same playing field as everyone else." – Wright State University Newsroom
"Many of the students reported that the pen reduced their classroom anxiety and freed them up to pay better attention."
– UC Berkeley School of Information
"Ethan does well with his iPad but unlike the pre-programmed educational apps, with the smart pen we can create our own learning material specific to his needs."
– Help For My Autistic Great Nephew. Sue Glascoe, founder of Teaching Math with Technology forum

"Livescribe’s echo smartpen has implications for students across the educational spectrum and may be particularly useful to kids with special needs." – ZDNet Education
“At UC-Berkeley this fall, the disabled-students program is beginning a test project with 50 students, offering them Livescribe pens to help with note-taking.”
“These technologies help level a playing field for individuals who would not be able to demonstrate their capabilities as learners,” Brant Parker, director of learning and innovation technology - Calgary Board of Education in Canada.” – New York Times