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  • Smartpen Use at ASU - Disability Resource Center – Arizona State University – DRC

  • The Value Of Smartpens vs. Traditional Note-Takers – Arizona State University – DRC

  • Using The Smartpen After College
    – UC Berkeley – DSP

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White Papers

UC Berkeley
Disabled Students' Program discusses the Livescribe pilot and loaner programs, cost savings and institution and student benefits. Download PDF
Wright State University
WSU TAPS into the power of smartpens. Download PDF
Arizona State University
Disability Resource Center discusses the use of smartpens for TRiO grants, loaner program and faculty lectures.
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"The use of the smartpen does help students relax more because they realize when they go back over class notes, that they are capturing the keypoints of the lecture, and they're really not missing anything." – Randy J., UCB-DSP Associate Director
"It is difficult to catch it all while you are writing notes, and trying to pay attention at the same time. Livescribe saved my butt when it came to missing important points!" – Jennifer W., Student
"I have ADHD and Livescribe pens have helped me to stay organized and keep track of notes and invaluable details from class. I have recommended Livescribe to several students." – Samuel P., Student

"They don't have to wait until the next class to ask questions and get the help they need." – Marjorie H., Math Professor
"I don't have to recommend it. My friends see what it does and they love it. We've used it to share notes on Facebook when people missed class…and they were amazed at what it could do!" – Tara W., Student
"Because I am a person with a disability and fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act I didn't know about the smartpen until my Doctor prescribed one for me for Class purposes. It has helped me greatly improve my grades. By being able to tape notes and then slow down the Instructor's voice in places that they talk fast. It goes at my pace. I just received my grade for a Microsoft Excel Course that I struggled with all semester… the Grade 85%! Thanks, Livescribe I never missed a word! LOL" – Linda B., Student

Media Highlights

"The smartpen is most helpful for students who have trouble catching the main points during class..." – Education Week
"Livescribe smartpen selected as 2012 Readers' Choice Award winner for best ed-tech products." – eCampus News
"These technologies help level a playing field for individuals who would not be able to demonstrate their capabilities as learners, Brant Parker, director of learning and innovation technology - Calgary Board of Education in Canada." – New York Times

"Studying for finals is hard enough without also struggling to decipher the notes that now resemble hieroglyphics. With the Livescribe smartpen, illegible notes are a thing of the past." – The Scribe, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
"No matter how proficient you are at taking notes, it was my experience that it's hard to keep up with all of the note taking in class." – The College Juice
"[A Livescribe smartpen] means that you can pick and choose what to write, using keywords that can help you jump to a specific point in the audio recording. No more need to manically jot down everything scrawled on a blackboard." – Wired Magazine