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Livescribe smartpens capture everything you hear, write and draw – so you can be confident that you'll never miss a word.

The smartpen captures words, audio, scribbles, symbols and diagrams – and syncs everything you write to what is said.

Just tap anywhere on your notes to play back what was said at that exact moment in time – as many times as you need to hear it.

Transfer all your notes and recordings to a Mac or PC to search for key phrases and create custom, virtual notebooks to better organize your notes.

Access an interactive version of notes(1) and audio on-the-go with your Apple® iPad®, iPhone® or iPod Touch®(2).

Slow down, speed up, control volume, and bookmark key information with your Livescribe paper playback controls.

(1) Livescribe paper required. Don't record without permission.
(2) Mobile device access requires the free Pencast Player App or Flash®-enabled web browser.

Livescribe smartpens allow educators to efficiently increase instructional time beyond the lecture and drive student-centric learning.

Capture and archive an interactive version of your written and verbal instruction – so students can hear, see and relive lessons exactly as they were delivered.

Share an interactive, digital version of your notes and audio, called a pencast, with your students. Pencasts can be embedded in a blog, website or sent as an interactive Pencast PDF.

Students may revisit instruction as many times as needed to build comprehension.

Pencasts are both audio and visually interactive which accommodates various learning styles.

Livescribe smartpens are a cost-effective assistive technology tool for
disability services programs, which streamlines their infrastructure and drive student success.

· Eliminates management and cost of companion note-taker program.

· Improves quality and timeliness of class notes.

· Reduces cost per student: $169 for smartpen loaner program vs. $5200 for companion note-taker program(1).

· Accommodates different learning styles.

· Places accommodation in students' hands to build academic confidence.

· Transitions with student from an educational setting to the workforce.

· Improves grades: Over 91% of students received better grades(2).

(1) UC Berkeley case study
(2) Customer Study – October 2011

Livescribe smartpens allow students to realize their full potential.

· Smartpens allow students to write less and listen more
– knowing their smartpen will capture everything.

· Play back class lectures as many times as needed to build comprehension and retention.

· A tool that easily transitions from an academic to a workforce setting.

Livescribe smartpens level the academic playing
field for students with learning disabilities.

· The smartpen replaces a companion note-taker, building
a student's independence and academic confidence

· A discrete accommodation solution.

· Easily accommodates different learning styles.