Echo Desktop

Designed for the Echo smartpen, Echo Desktop enables you to easily store, organize, replay and share your interactive notes. Echo Desktop supports the latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows.

Custom Notebooks

Custom Notebooks make it simple to be more productive. Collect notes on the same subject, project or class into a single Custom Notebook so that everything is in one neat, tidy place.

Handwriting Search

In Echo Desktop, search is powered by market-leading handwriting recognition that makes it a snap to find the notes you need instantly, regardless of whether you wrote them days, weeks and even months ago.

Easy Sharing

Email or export notes that can be shared with classmates, colleagues, clients or whoever else needs to see them.

You can also share pencasts as standard PDF’s that include the linked audio. Recipients can relive your meetings and lectures through Echo Desktop, by using the Livescribe Player or Livescribe+, our free iOS app.

Playing Back Pencast

Echo Desktop can be used to review your pencasts as well as any pencasts that have been shared with you. If you’re away from your laptop or desktop, you can also play back pencasts using the Livescribe Player through your browser. If you have
an iOS device, you can also play your pencasts in the Livescribe+ app.