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Boss MagazineInspect Your Gadgets

“Livescribe are the clever heads behind the Echo smartpen, a gadge that records spoken and handwritten words and then transmits them to your computer”

The SunThe Sun

“The Livescribe Echo could do the impossible — get people writing again rather than typing.”

The IndependentThe Independent

“Sheer genius for students. Marvellous for lawyers. Brilliant for business meetings.”

BBC - Something for the Weekend

“More time efficient than a dictaphone and brilliant for journalists.”

PC AuthorityLivescribe Echo, Even Better The Second Time Around

“If your day to day involves meetings then the Livescribe Echo can easily become an invaluable tool”

Super Scribble: Livescribe Echo Smartpen from $259

“The winning feature of the Livescribe Echo is that it not only captures written notes but also records audio at the same time, then magically syncs the two together”

New York TimeThe pen that never forgets

“...bad notes, or at least incomplete ones, will become a thing of the past.”

Cyber ShackFree App for Smartpens

“Fast information access is a key advantage of the Livescribe Echo”

The TelegraphThe Telegraph

“Livescribe's audio recording pen is a real student dream.”

PC WorldLivescribe Echo Smartpen

“The Echo's strength lies in the fact that you don't need to write everything down - just a keyword or even a picture can trace back the rest of the audio recorded”

Sydney Morning HeraldGadgets for Dad

“Livescribe's Echo smartpen lets dad write, record, film and digitally manage his paper notes”

USA TodayLivescribe updates smartpen with new Echo

“Livescribe...has weathered the recession to find success...”

Dynamic BusinessLivescribe Echo pen review - not your everyday pen

“This pen could change your life”

New York TimeA High School Student Reviews a Smartpen, the Livescribe Echo

“The Echo smartpen is a brilliant piece of technology...”

CBSFive Gadgets to “Geek-Up” Your Kid's Dorm Room

“...the smartpen is doing the heavy lifting by recording all of the audio...”

The AtlanticThe Pen Gets Mightier

“ invention...that makes all previous life seem backward”

Business WeekLivescribe Echo: No Country for Old Pens

“It's a useful tool for doctors, executives, and academics”

Financial TimesLivescribe Echo Writes New Smartpen Chapter

“An indispensible business tool”

CNet NewsLivescribe Writes Digital Pen's Next Chapter

“Livescribe on Sunday is introducing the Echo - the next generation of its digital pen.”

Livescribe Echo Announced

“From students to doctors to journalists to presidents it's a great tool to have”

IT WireLivescribe's smartpens get smarter

“A digital voice recorder, computer and display all incorporated in the Livescribe's smartpen”

EntrepreneurEntrepreneur's Shiny Object of the Month!

“Even the simple act of writing just got a lot more high–tech.”

Time MagazineThe 25 Best Back–to–School Gadgets

“Taking notes during class – even with the most rapid–fire professor – just got a whole lot easier.”

Sydney Morning HeraldReview from Australia

“Imagine if every bit of audio you've recorded interviews, conferences, lectures and the like could be recalled instantly with the tap of a pen.”

Daily TelegraphRecorder Pen Gives Scribes Instant Recall

“A writing tool that can also dictate notes means you can remember every word.”

MaximPen Ultimate

“If Adderall binges aren’t cutting it as study aids, the Livescribe Smartpen is for you.”

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen – Record Audio in Sync with your Notetaking

“The Livescribe Pulse smartpen works as promised. And the sound quality is superb for such a small device.”

Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards

“How will it change the world? For people like me, journalists interviewing, it's already changing the world.”
–Glenn Derene, senior editor, Popular Mechanics

YahooView from the Bay

“Bottom line: A great gift for a student, journalist or anyone who attends frequent detail-heavy lectures.”

Pulse Smartpen

“On average people write about 15 or so words a minute, so you could be missing a lot by trying to catch-up in meetings, courtrooms, classes etc…. Keeping up is one thing, understanding your notes is another. How many of you have a hard time reading your own notes? This device is perfect for you!”

CNet NewsDigital pens writing next chapter

“One that I have spent some time with firsthand is LiveScribe's Pulse digital pen. The big thing this start-up adds to the mix is the combination of audio and ink. That makes it particularly handy for note taking.”

ABC 7 Morning News (San Francisco, CA)

“A high-tech way for students to take notes, the Pulse Smart pen records lectures while you take notes and you tap on the notes with your pen and the lecture for that portion of the notes are replayed. We hear why it is one of the top back to school picks this year. ‘The lecture is such a difficult thing to absorb and capture at the same time this lets you perhaps pay more attention to what is being said while your hand is taking notes and absorb more than slavishly noting.’”

Livescribe Pulse smartpen

“It’s not often I get my hands on a piece of technology that truly changes the way I work, but the Livescribe Pulse does exactly that.”

Tech Toys

“Note-taking made easy. Transcribe no more: Livescribe’s Pulse Smartpen is a Montblac-sized computer that faithfully records voices and handwritten notes, then transmits both kinds of data directly to your PC. ($150 for 1GB, $200 for 2GB;”

Livescribe Pulse Rewrites Note Taking

“The Pulse ‘smartpen’ from Livescribe is part pen, part recorder and part nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

Hi-Tech Gear for the Home, School and Office

“Ever wish a pen could write for you? The Pulse Smartpen can record lectures while you take notes. Back at home, you simply tap on your notes with the pen and the spoken words for that portion of the notes are instantly replayed.”

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

“There is no denying that the Livescribe Pulse is one smart pen. It works as promised, recording audio as you take notes. Even better, the sound quality is superb for such a small device.”

Must-Have Gadgets

“Imagine for students who are sitting there and always stressing about, ‘okay, should I be listening or should I be taking notes?’”


“This is amazing. This is the Pulse Smartpen. Think of it as a DVR for audio. So you go into a lecture and you hit record, then as you’re taking notes it’s recording all the audio. Then you go back to your notes and realize, “I don’t know what the teacher was talking about.” You simply tap it where they were speaking and it plays back at that instant. So your notes are all being taken here.”

ParadePARADE PICKS: Back-to-School Tech

“And as students take notes, a microphone in the Pulse Smartpen captures the teacher’s voice. Later, they can tap any place on the page to hear the corresponding lecture.”

Pulse Pen Review: Pen Stops Just Short Of Recording Your Thoughts Before You Think Them

“What has a microphone, a speaker, and syncs up your actions with sound by navigating little dots? It's not Rock Band. It's a pen called the Pulse, a name which I have previously seen mainly describing gyms, dance clubs and the efficiency of the human heart.”

A mighty pen

“Pulse goes past a great demo and quickly proves to be a great tool.””

Wall Street JournalHands on Gizmos: Digitally Inked

“Comedian Harrison Greenbaum notes potential bits with the pen. He also uses it to perform magic tricks. With the pens he creates interactive set lists and critiques other comedians after the show.”

Note Taking... The Next Generation LiveScribe

“We think broadly, this is a product that's great for anyone who uses pen and paper. Two groups that we think are really jazzed about this product based on our research. One is college students. College students are heavy note takers and they are naturally lovers of new technology. The other group is professionals. Folks who love new technology. Folks who are bringing pen and paper into their workplace whether they be journalists or lawyers or business professionals.”

Livescribe kicks off national retailing of its audio-recording pen

“When the fall college semester starts, some students will be taking notes with a pen that listens. Even those sitting in the lecture hall's back row sneaking looks at their email or social network Web pages won't miss a word…”

Digital Pens to Write on Any Paper

“In gadget-head circles, one of this summer’s most buzzworthy new products is the Pulse pen: a ballpoint that simultaneously records both your handwriting and the sound of the words you are transcribing.”

USA TodayPulse gets points for design, good sound

“It's not enough anymore for a writer to be smart. Apparently, the writer's pen has to be intelligent, too. The Livescribe Pulse "smartpen" I've been taking notes with is downright cerebral.”

USA TodayLivescribe Pulse digital pen brings your notes to life

“Pulse transforms an ordinary ballpoint into a digital quill, promising to change the way you cram for an exam, review an architect's blueprints or capture any notes.”

Livescribe Pulse smartpen: Practical, powerful and affordable

“Not only is the Pulse an ingenious design, but it also provides practical utility right out of the box, particularly if you're an avid note-taker, student or even sketcher. This product is so well-designed and useful that I think it's a candidate for one of the best gadgets of the year. Highly recommended.”

Popular ScienceThe Write Stuff?

“I’m sold. I used to struggle to figure out what my meeting notes meant. Now I can instantly go to the audio for clarification. And unlike earlier digital-ink pens, the Livescribe Pulse is slim and comfortable enough to hold for the few notes I do take.”

GizmodoReview: Livescribe Pulse Digital Pen/Recorder (Verdict: It's Good for Notetakers)

“The Livescribe Pulse is an amazing piece of tech, and I enjoy using it, but has an admittedly limited appeal. I'd love to see more creative and functional uses implemented with future ‘apps,’ and a touch of refinement in the current interface. But this is recommended for anyone who takes a lot of notes.”

Livescribe Pulse

“Anyone who's been a student knows how hard it can be to scribble down everything someone else is saying. This problem is brilliantly solved by the Livescribe Pulse, a computerized pen that records as you write and digitally syncs the audio recording to the notes.”

ZDNetA new digital pen

“This may come off as a naked plug for a new gadget, but it’s actually a sober technology assessment. You have my word on this as a journalist, husband, father, and President of the United States. I’m always interested in new user interface hardware and I’ve just run across the Digital Pen from Livescribe….I don’t know about you, but I would have done back flips (or tried) for this when I was in school. Digital pens have been around for years and what’s always bothered me about them is that they have no output – input is excellent (what could be more natural than writing?) but feedback has to wait until you sync the pen with a PC, something that may be hours in the future. Livescribe’s (I think they should get an award just for not using interCaps in their name, by the way) audio output significantly improves this situation.”

Popular ScienceLivescribe Hands-On: Translating Written Text on the Fly

“The potential applications of a live-translating pen are pretty exciting: in a pinch while traveling, the Pulse can order your dinner for you—just write out what you want. And for me, writing things down is one of the simplest and most effective methods for remembering something—paired with an instant real-time translation, using this method to learn a new language could be very intuitive.”

Reassessing the Aha! Moment

“The innovator Jim Marggraff, creator of an interactive world globe called the Odyssey Atlasphere, the LeapPad reading platform for children and LeapFrog's Fly talking pen, explained that each creation built on the work that went into making the previous one. That same process of accretion holds true for the Pulse Smartpen, which records audio while it tracks what the pen writes, that his new company, Livescribe, introduced last week. He said he hoped the product would bring back computing to its pen-and-paper roots.”

FortuneDEMO 2008 is abuzz about the smartpen

“If you have ever been to Sundance, or any film festival for that matter, you are always looking for the film that is getting “buzz,” that inexplicable chatter that attaches itself to a potential breakout movie. If there is a startup and product with “buzz” at the DEMO confab this year, it is LiveScribe.”

Livescribe gives your pen some brains

“Livescribe gives your pen some brains…Pens are one of the cheapest, most disposable members of the office supply family, but Livescribe is looking to change that. It wants you to view your pen like a gadget, much like you view your computer, cellphone, or MP3 player. And it wants to charge you a lot more for it than you'd pay for a normal pen.”

WiredLivescribe Pulse Pen Debuts

“The Livescribe Pulse pen is, so far, the most talked-about product at Demo. It writes! It records! It translates! It turns your scribbles into a document you can access from your computer! It could probably slice and dice, if need be….The biggest surprise: The gadget is relatively affordable: $199 for a pen with 2 gigabytes of memory, $5 for the notebook filled with the required special paper. The downside: It's not available yet. The company is planning on shipping the product in March.”

Livescribe unveil new Pulse Smartpen

“The Pulse Smart pen is one of those electronic pens that comes out and is almost immediately lumped into the same category as talking clocks and torch-pens. Surprisingly, it seems like it might actually be useful….Sounds great. If only we had them when I was in school. Might have done a little better in Physics.”

Livescribe’s Pulse Smartpen. What is a Smartpen?

“High tech pens have been, by definition, a niche. Those that have wanted to convert their handwriting to editable digital text have been able to do so for a long time. But today LiveScribe is putting the pulse back into digital writing with what they are calling the world’s first smartpen….So what makes the pen smarter than others? We are thinking that it’s the ability to create applications for it.”

Livescribe reveals it has a Pulse

“But a demo last week from CEO Jim Marggraff shows that the pen has a lot of interesting uses for those who take a lot of handwritten notes, particularly folks like college students and, yes, reporters….Unlike other digital pens that share the same core technology from Sweden's Anoto, the Pulse is a computer in its own right, capable of recording audio and synchronizing the recording with handwritten notes….The company has also come up with a neat way for people to record audio in noisy places….Despite its many new abilities, it remains to be seen whether this pen is indeed mightier. Livescribe faces a significant, though not necessarily insurmountable, challenge of trying to create a mass market success where others have found niche success at best.”

YahooCan You Improve on a Pen? Livescribe Sure Thinks So

“Jim Marggraff, the CEO of Livescribe, creators of the newest digital pen, called Smartpen, is a pen evangelist. He has a passion for turning a pen into the ultimate computing input device. His last job at LeapFrog culminated in the creation of the FlyPen, LeapFrog's technically impressive but commercially lackluster pen for kids. It was used with special Fly paper that the pen could read….The [Pulse smart]pen is slated for release within the next two months and will cost less than $200. Pens have gone through lots of maturation. From quills to ballpoint to pens that write through grease, but Smartpen may be the biggest thing that's happened to the pen since the advent of the computer. SmartPen is the pen for high tech times.”

2008 CES Wrapup (San Diego Daily Transcript)

“Livescribe is the next generation product with many new features that will appeal to business people and students. It’s also much slimmer and better crafted. Imagine a pen that you can take notes with while you're recording a lecture or meeting. You can go back and touch the pen to your notes and it will play back that part of the meeting.”

You Tell Us: An Electronic Pen That Listens and Talks Back

“If a pen that helps preschoolers learn to read by sounding out the words they point to in specially produced books could top the list of the most popular toys for two years in a row, how popular would an adult version be? Livescribe Inc., an Oakland, Calif.–based start-up founded by Jim Marggraff, the inventor of the LeapPad’s pen-based computing platform, is about to find out.”

Sports IllustratedTop 10 Gadgets for College Students

“So if you often find yourself too busy copying down diagrams to actually listen to your professors, fret no more. Go to your notes, and tap your pen twice. You'll hear an audio recording of what went on exactly at the time you were frantically trying to catch up. Amaaaazing and under $200”

Computing on Paper

“A new smartpen could change the way people practice mobile computing by bringing processing power to traditional pen and paper. Made by Livescribe, of Oakland, CA, the smartpen is designed to digitize the words and drawings that a user puts down on paper and bring them to life.”

Smartpen aids blind engineering students

“Engineering and science classes, which depend heavily on diagrams, graphs, charts and other figures, ordinarily put students with visual disabilities at a significant disadvantage,” said Andrew VanSchaack, Livescribe's (Oakland, Calif.) senior science adviser and a professor at Vanderbilt. “We plan to use Livescribe's Smartpen and Sewell's Raised Line Drawing Kit to make it easier for blind students to attend these classes.”

CNETLivescribe ready to ink January launch

“Livescribe is one of a handful of companies hoping there is still some ink in the well when it comes to the notion of pen computing. Hoping to keep the buzz going until the product itself is ready, the company launched a new blog, posted additional technical details and kicked off a contest in which it is giving away two of its devices a day, with the promise that winners will get their pen before the product is generally available.”

Part PC, Part Table Or Pen, New Ways To Get Things Done

“...I got quite a few tips about the Livescribe Smartpen as a more 'adult-oriented' alternative. (And by 'adult' I mean 'grown-up.') Well the other day the company sent me a message about their new blog that also happened to include the first photos of the Smartpen hardware.”

YahooThe Pen Is Mighty; the Computer Pen Might Be Mightier

“The company is hoping that software developers will create all sorts of special applications. But one of the fundamental applications, "Paper Replay," is already part of the system. Paper Replay lets you take notes with the pen while you're speaking at the same time.”

Part PC, Part Table Or Pen, New Ways To Get Things Done

“Smartpen's most important initial application will be Paper Replay. Because audio and keystrokes will be marked by time stamps, and because the pen and paper incorporate a GPS-like system, users can tap the pen on a specific word or phrase in their notes and immediately hear back whatever was being said when the notes were being written.”

All Things DigitalLivescribe Smartpen

“A student sitting in a classroom taking notes can download them into a desktop computer and manipulate them in many ways. (“So one student in a class of 150 could come take notes and sell them to 150?” Walt asked. “What a country.”) That same student can archive the notes and search them for review purposes (cramming for an exam), as well as searching the recorded audio version of those notes.”

Takahashi: 'Smart pen' helps get notes organized

“…a “smart pen” with a computer in it that can record up to 100 hours of boring lectures and tie the recording to digitized version of your handwritten notes. You can upload the notes you’ve taken with the pen to a laptop computer and then search for key words. When you click on words, you can play the recording of the words at the precise time you wrote the words.”

USA TodayJobs, Gates to reunite at digital conference

“Start-up Livescribe showed a fountain-pen-size "smart pen" that records text written on special paper. It also records audio, which can be played back. Text and audio can also be uploaded to computers for replay.”

Yes, but can it doodle?

"A smart pen that captures your notes, records what you hear, solves your math problems, translates languages and sends handwritten e-mails is extraordinary to experience," Marggraff said. "It is the harbinger of a new era of mobile computing." Uses he foresees include taking notes during a discussion or lecture, which the pen will record and digitize. The notes can be stored and uploaded to a personal computer. Or they can be played back as voice audio when the note taker taps on the ink on the dot paper.”

Livescribe Smartpen Links Your Scribbes with Audio Notes

“In a nutshell, the most critically cool thing it can do is link audio recordings you make as you jot written notes to the actual text you're writing. And it can later all be indexed on a PC, and played back on the computer. Or by clicking on the notepad. Completely useful for students, journalists, lawyers—anyone who takes a lot of notes. And it works.”

NY TimesTake Note: Computing Takes Up Pen, Again

“Anyone that is writing notes on paper, wants to capture the information, they want to access the information,” Mr. Marggraff said. “We are giving a way for people to essentially forget about forgetting.”

The Shape of Computers to Come?

“Livescribe's "Smartpen" adds a microphone and a small display on the side of the pen. A user can tap on a section of written notes, for example, and call up a recording in the pen of what an instructor was saying when those words were written. Mr. Marggraff, who expects to deliver the device in October for less than $200, plans to create a community of programmers to write exchange applications for the Smartpen. "I believe this will affect the way people think," he says.”

SF ChronicleD5: A new pen for a new era

“We’re creating a new medium,” he said. “We can see this changing the world. It can affect people from executives to people in the developing world.”

Livescribe lets the paper do the talking, and thinking

“I got a personal demo of the technology from Jim Marggraff, chief executive of the company, and I was immediately sold. As someone who takes copious notes and would like to find the vocal version instantly, this is quite the journalist’s nirvana. Moreover, it lets you hook up to a computer, so that you can see the spoken version of your notes unfolding on your computer screen (it uses translation technology, to translate the voice into text). It shows you where you are in the lecture, and the parts that are still to come — in a different shade of color.”