Welcome to Livescribe Connect

Livescribe Connect makes it easy to send and share notes and audio with people and destinations of your choice—all from your paper.

Simply draw a line and write send. Tap the pages you want to send. Notes and audio are automatically sent as an interactive audio PDF file, called a Pencast.

You can send Pencasts to destinations like Email, Facebook, Google™ Docs, Evernote®, and even your mobile device. You can also send to these destinations from within Livescribe Desktop. Simply drag and drop your pages to Connector icons to quickly send or share them.

Basic and Premium Connectors

Livescribe Connect supports two sets of Connectors—Connect Basic and Connect Premium. Livescribe Connect Basic is part of your free download of Livescribe Desktop. Connect Basic includes the following Connectors:
  • Computer
  • MyLivescribe
  • Evernote®
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft® OneNote®
You can purchase the Connect™ Premium Upgrade Pack from the Livescribe Application store. Connect Premium includes the following Connectors:
  • Email
  • Google™ Docs
  • Google™ Sites