Installing Livescribe Connect and a New Livescribe Desktop

Installing Livescribe Desktop installs the Livescribe Connect computer and smartpen apps at the same time.

If you have not yet installed Livescribe Desktop on your computer, install it now. Then check for updates that may be necessary.

  1. Disconnect your smartpen from your computer.
  2. Install Livescribe Desktop from Follow instructions in the Livescribe Desktop installer.

    Livescribe Desktop and Livescribe Connect will be installed on your computer.

  3. Connect your smartpen to your computer.

    Your smartpen firmware will be updated and the Livescribe Connect smartpen app installed.

  4. In Livescribe Desktop, select Help > Check For Updates.

    You are prompted to update your Livescribe Desktop software and your smartpen firmware—if any of them need updates.

  5. Accept the updates. Updates will be installed automatically to your computer and smartpen.
To try out Livescribe Connect immediately, skip to Livescribe Connect Quick Start. Otherwise, proceed with configuring Connectors.
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