Configuring the Google Docs Connector

In this mini-tutorial, you configure the Google Docs Connector.

Livescribe Connect can send notes and audio to a Google Docs account. To use this feature, provide your account information.

  1. Click the Google Docs icon on the Connectors tab of the Livescribe Connect computer app.
  2. Enter your Google Docs account information in Email and Password.
  3. Click Test Connection to confirm the settings.
  4. In Default Collection Name, enter the default Google Docs collection to which you wish your pages sent. If you leave the text box blank, it will go to your default Collection. If you specify the name of a folder that does not exist, Livescribe Connect has Google Docs create it for you.
  5. In Share with, enter the default set of email addresses belonging to people you wish to have access to access your content in Google Docs. If you leave the text box blank, only you are able to access the content you send to Google Docs.