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Livescribe & Evernote®

Livescribe has partnered with Evernote to help you get your notes working the way you work. With the Wifi smartpen, your Livescribe notes and pencasts are sent directly to your personal Evernote account, where you can access, organize, search and share your notes across all the devices you use, or take advantage of third-party services like audio transcription from TranscribeMe. Evernote automatically sorts your notes by notebook and by date and time, making it easy to find and organize your thoughts and ideas.

Sharing your notes and pencasts with Evernote is simple. Using Evernote’s built-in sharing function, you can send your notes and sessions via email. Your notes will appear in the email and links automatically to the Livescribe Player. Using Evernote, you can also post your notes to Facebook or Twitter and even share them via an html link.

Getting Evernote on your devices

Evernote apps are available for any of
the devices you use including Mac, PC, tablets and smartphones. You can download them on
Evernote’s website.

Download Evernote

Linking your Livescribe wifi smartpen to another Evernote account

If you have multiple Evernote accounts and need to switch the account that your smartpen syncs to, just log in to "My Account". Once in your account, click on "Evernote Account" at the bottom of the left-side navigation list and follow the instructions under "Link to Another Evernote Account." For detailed instructions, please see this article.

For existing Livescribe smartpen customers, please note that the Livescribe wifi smartpen does not use or require Livescribe Desktop. Evernote replaces Livescribe Desktop.