The Clouds and the Sky

One of the big motivators for naming our new smartpen “Sky” was how firmly rooted it is in what we call “The Cloud.” But what is the cloud, exactly?

Simply put, cloud computing refers to digital applications, storage, and services that take place over a network, rather than needing to be rooted on your personal computer or devices. The Cloud helps us access the digital stuff we need for work, for play, and for creativity, no matter where we are and what device we’re using.

You see it all the time at work: have you ever emailed a file to yourself so you could work on it at home? Whether or not you realize it, that’s cloud computing! You’re not personally operating an email server on your computer; the server is hosted over an internet-accessible network, “in the cloud,” so you can pull up that email-stored file from your home PC, or even your smartphone or tablet.

It’s the same story in video games, too – if you’ve spent the last six hours finishing an epic quest, you don’t want to lose that progress if you move to a different computer. Thankfully, a lot of modern games keep your saves in the cloud, so no matter where you play from, you keep the same campaign. Gone, too, are the days when you’d have to buy a new copy of a song every time you updated your mp3 player (thank goodness).

That’s what we wanted to achieve with Sky. Once you’ve written down your notes, you should be able to review them anywhere, from any device. Having your Evernote account in the cloud means once that information is synced, you can access your notes from any Evernote-friendly device, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop PC.

The next time someone tells you that you have your head in the clouds, you can just smile and say, “Well, sure. Don’t you?”

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