• Educator Profiles: Enhancing Math Instruction with Smartpens


    Several Florida educators have shared the creative ways they are using the smartpen to facilitate learning in (and beyond) their classrooms. In each of the cases below the educator has implemented a program to support math instruction in their Middle School, but in very different ways. We were inspired by the ability of both of the educators to leverage the smartpen to meet a distinct need for their students.

    Matt Gilime, Middle School Math Teacher
    Corkscrew Middle School, Collier County, Florida

    Matt has created a system in which he creates pencasts to serve two purposes for each of his lessons. First, he creates a pencast to use during instruction time with his students. While his students watch the pencast, take notes and follow along he walks around the room to facilitate one on one work with students ensuring understanding and providing extra help as needed. Later, his students are able to access the pencasts online, through their school’s LMS, Angel. However, the students aren’t the only ones who enjoy access to the pencasts after hours. Parents, as shown in the video above, use the pencasts to help their students with their homework.

    Tom Keer, Math Intervention Specialist
    Corkscrew Middle School, Collier County, Florida

    Tom works with students who are falling behind in their math course of study. He has incorporated the smartpen into several of his tactics to help students better understand the mathematical process behind their work and ensure understanding. In the video below Tom narrates how Model Drawing is enhanced by the use of the smartpen for students struggling to understand concepts in Algebra at his Middle School. By leveraging pencasts the students are able to access the logic behind problem solving instead of just the solution.

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