• Russellville Middle School Teacher Wins Education Grant


    In our February/March e-newsletter, we asked educators to submit a proposal for how they would utilize 5 smartpens in their classroom, school, or district for a chance to win an education grant. One winner is chosen bi-monthly using the following criteria:

    • Unique angle on or new idea for smartpen use
    • Effective use of the Livescribe smartpen platform
    • Educational impact

    Out of the 65 entries, Sarah Walker a science teacher at Russellville Middle School in Arkansas has been selected as the winner for February/March and will receive the education grant.

    “I can’t wait for my students to use the Livescribe smartpens while they are designing experiments. By my student’s recording their thought process of designing a lab, they will be able to discuss the scientific method evaluate strengths and weaknesses.”

    Check out how she plans to implement smartpens in her classroom!

    If I had five smartpens in my classroom the most creative way I would use it would be to put my students into 5 groups, and let the students design an experiment. Designing experiments and classroom discussions are two concepts my district’s vertical teams are working on. Lesson: “You are an engineer at the water treatment plant, and your job is return the waste water back to the communities water supply, but the pH of the water is too high. Design an experiment to solve this issue using your pens to log each step in the experiment and record your discussions and observations.

    If each student in my classroom had a smartpen it would impact their learning by allowing me to view their recorded thought process would allow me to give the students more appropriate and effective feedback individually. This would also help me identify individual and class weakness and strengths to plan for remediation or enriching activities on the concept being taught. This may also be used with distance learning technology as well.

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